Among all the crimes attributed to the Chinese regime, some have been carefully hushed up or cleverly disguised, given the disproportionate implications that could eventually cause their demise.

Such is the case of the scandalous sale of Chinese national territory, carried out by the former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Jiang Zemin, in his eagerness to obtain maximum power.

He is also recognized as the cruelest former leader, who has been accused of the greatest number of crimes against humanity.

 Jiang Zemin and his little-known background 

The deep ties developed by the young Jiang with Russia, or rather with the defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), where he lived, was trained as a spy and became entangled in turbulent romances, are rarely publicized.

It was in 1955, at the age of 29, that Jiang traveled to Moscow on behalf of the First Automobile Works in Changchun, China, staying there until the following year.  

In the Russian capital, he received job training. He was also seduced by women, according to Banned of September 28. 

One of the female workers there became his mistress. But, to his misfortune, she let him know that the Russian government knew of his previous dealings with the Japanese, which made him a traitor to his own country, making him a spy. 

Along with the deadly secret, Jiang received a large sum of money, presumably leaving his fate in the hands of the dreaded Russian Secret Service (KGB). The KGB, at any time, could blackmail him at any time it saw fit. 

The secret of Jiang and the Japanese, held by the KGB

In this even lesser known part of Jiang’s life, it is to be recognized that he was influenced by his father, Jiang Shijun, who had joined “the Japanese puppet traitor organization ‘Peace Rescue National’ in 1938.”

Jiang Shijun recommended his son, Zemin, to his Japanese bosses, who dominated a large region of China at the time. 

As a result, Jiang Zemin received training with the participation of “traitor Li Shiqun [Chinese regime politician and spy for the Japanese], then director of the Special Agents Headquarters of Wang’s [Jingwei] puppet government in Nanjing,” according to Banned 

Well, in 1945 that information fell into the hands of the Soviet Union following a Red Army raid on “Kenji Doihara’s [Imperial Japanese Army Officer] Japanese Army Secret Service.” 

It was this information that Jiang Zemin’s mistress made known to him, in order to let him know that her government had him under its sway. However, he was told by the KGB that “they would not reveal the secret of treason to his country.” 

Jiang sells 579,000 square miles of land to Russia

It was not until 1991, when Jiang was already general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, that Russia received the juicy compensation that violated China’s national sovereignty.  

On this occasion, Jiang visited Russia and “happened” to visit the former car factory where he had worked. The biggest surprise was his encounter with the woman of his youth. According to Banned, “Here, Soviet agents arranged for Jiang to relive the old dream with his former lover.” 

“On December 12, 1999, the Chinese suffered the most humiliating day in contemporary history. Jiang Zemin and visiting Russian President [Boris] Yeltsin signed … the cession of the vast territory,” which should have netted China a fortune. 

Not to go too far, in 2005, General of the People’s Republic of China and Minister of National Defense Chi Haotian, implied in an internal speech that “the CCP sold a large area of the northern territory, to Russia” according to the quote.

Chi openly questioned, “We have given up such a large area of northern territory to Russia in accordance with Comrade Xiaoping’s deployment, is our Party Central Committee a fool?”  

To have a reference of the magnitude of the extension sold to the Russians, let us consider that if the 579 square miles were the national territory of a country, it would rank No. 19, surpassing the other 175 countries out of the total of the 195 countries recognized before the U.N.  

This area is twice the size of Turkey, or five times the size of Italy. 

Jiang knew that if this blunder, along with the other secrets kept by the KGB, became known, he would have to “step down immediately and even die without a place to be buried. Of course, he knew that well,” notes Banned

And he describes the territory, “It was extremely fertile land, covered with vast tracts of virgin forests and rich in minerals and oil, which are the most valuable living resources for the Chinese nation to take off and rise in the future.”

But even more terrified was the CCP when it learned of this grave situation, “The Communist Party feared that the publication of the details of the treaty would lead to its collapse”. That was why later “it refused to hold Jiang Zemin accountable.” 

The CCP’s ‘alibi’

In any case, the CCP was obliged to provide an explanation, and its ideologues quickly invented an “alibi” that would fulfill that function. 

To better understand the Chinese regime’s version of these events, it is useful to recall the political context of those years. 

At that time, the CCP was beset by the pro-democracy movement of June 4 and the Western sanctions of 1989 [caused by the Tiananmen Square massacre], the economic regression of 1990, and the Gulf War of 1991.

In the face of these crises: “The upper echelons of the Chinese Communist Party were already overwhelmed and in a state of shock. The CCP was already overwhelmed and in a state of panic.”

So the CCP amplified the threat posed by a U.S. invasion, and, supposedly, to counter it, ceded sovereignty over the vast northern territory to Russia in exchange for its neutrality in a possible future U.S.-China military conflict. 

Failure to do so would have meant the destruction of the CCP, possibly. On the other hand, the Chinese people were kept in absolute ignorance of the transfer of such a vast tract of land. 

Such an explanation was commented on by a in an editorial, in July 2019: “How skillfully the truth was concealed! That’s how easily a millennial crime was planted on the dead in the praise of strategists, removing the heavy yoke for Jiang Zemin, and putting an aura of strategy over the traitor state.”

Worse, the ceding of land to other countries is already a long tradition dating back to CCP founding leader Mao Zedong. Likewise, the other criminal activities that the leader, Jiang Zemin, has committed against Chinese citizens have been numerous. 

In fact, the website claims that “In China, Jiang Zemin is one of the most persecuted leaders, with more than 200,000 criminal charges filed with China’s Supreme Court and Supreme Procuratorate.” 

Two of Jiang’s bloodiest campaigns are the Tiananmen Square massacre and the relentless persecution he enacted against Falun Dafa or Falun Gong.

Falun Dafa is an ancient discipline of the Buddha School, based on “the principles of Truth-Benevolence and Tolerance ( Zhen 真, Shan 善, Ren 忍), key to raising moral character and achieving superior health,” according to Faluninfonet.  

In addition to persecuting all citizens exercising their freedom of belief and having become the world’s biggest violator of human rights, the CCP has violated everything it considers an obstacle to its absolute power.

Neither national sovereignty nor human rights have been deemed valuable enough by the CCP to be sacrificed in pursuit of its salvation. 

As concludes, “The traitorous behavior of the Beijing regime is determined by the established policy, logic, and behavior of Chinese Communist Party diplomacy and the reactionary nature of the regime.”

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