A baby born on Feb. 2 in China has officially become the youngest patient who is battling the new coronavirus.

Medical officials said the mother of the boy was diagnosed with the virus before going into labor.

According to XinhuaNet, a state-run media outlet in China, the baby was diagnosed with novel coronavirus just 30 hours after birth.

The newborn weighed about 5 pounds. The child is in stable condition, and is still under observation, said state media.

There were almost 500 deaths and 24,000 confirmed cases worldwide as of Wednesday. Most cases are in mainland China, with the exception of one death in Hong Kong, and another in the Philippines.

In the United States, at least 12 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, with the most recent case being in Wisconsin. There are six in California, and two in Illinois. There is a single case in each of Washington, Arizona, and Massachusetts.

China remains on a nationwide lockout, with severe restrictions on travel affecting almost 60 million people.

On Jan.30 the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus epidemic a global health emergency.


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