A Brazilian politician from the Podemos party is in the spotlight after leaked audios with insensitive comments about Ukrainian women during an alleged humanitarian mission he was carrying out in the conflict-ridden country, according to The Guardian.

“I’ve just crossed the border on foot between Ukraine and Slovakia. Bro, I swear to you … I’ve never seen anything like it in terms of beautiful girls. The refugee queue … it’s like 200 meters long or more of just total goddesses,” he said, according to the media outlet.

Arthur do Val, the state congressman and pre-candidate for governor of São Paulo, Brazil, confirmed on Saturday, March 5, that audios circulating on social networks since Friday belong to him. He also said, referring to Ukrainian women, they are “easy because they are poor.”

According to reports, the 35-year-old Brazilian congressman made the comments while on a three-day diplomatic mission to the Ukrainian region in conflict with Russia, supposedly to raise awareness of the plight of Ukrainians due to the war. 

Condemnation of the vile comments was not long in coming, not just in the social media environment. A petition was created on the Internet, which to date has almost 65,000 signatures, calling for Do Val to be expelled from the parliament of Sao Paulo.

One of the statements in the diplomatic sphere was made by the wife of the former Ukrainian ambassador to Brazil, Fabiana Tronenko, who recorded a video that she uploaded to Twitter in which she lashes out against the congressman, calling him a “cretin” and “shameless.”

The MBL scoundrel @arthurmoledoval was on Ukrainian territory to promote himself at the expense of the pain of the Ukrainian people and is still out there defaming our women. I want to tell you that you are shameless! You have no right to refer to any woman that way, cretin!”, Tronenko wrote.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, described the remarks made by Deputy Arthur do Val as “repugnant.” 

“[The statement] is so repugnant that it doesn’t even deserve…. It’s so repugnant that it doesn’t even deserve a comment,” the Brazilian president said.

“It was wrong what I said. That’s not what I think. What I said was a mistake, in a moment of overexcitement”, do Val said upon arriving at Cumbica International Airport in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo. According to the Brazilian media El Globo report, he said that “there was a misunderstanding,” and that his audios were in a private context with his friends.  

On Saturday, do Val returned to Brazil amid a wave of repudiation and tried to justify his statements by assuring that three days without drinking or showering caused his mind to race. “I said nonsense,” he said.

Both the deputy’s public and intimate life fell apart. Not only has he abandoned his plans to run for governor of São Paulo, but also, according to The Guardian, the congressman’s girlfriend took the initiative to break off the relationship after learning of his controversial remarks.

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