The prophecies of Abhigya Anand, a young Indian, have caught the world’s attention because of the coincidence of his predictions with current world events.

The 16-year-old teenage astrologer, who made headlines for predicting in August 2019 that a virus (COVID) would attack the world, has announced that a more sinister energy will be released, between the months of July and August. And he warned the Chinese Communist Party to be careful or it will have to go through major catastrophes. The ultimatum also reaches to Japan and South Korea.

The young prodigy marked the dates of July 12 to 16, announcing that between those days 3 very important planetary events occurred that will be seen in the world in the coming months.

After August, the teenager predicts that there will be no peace in the world: there will be global geopolitical tensions and it will be proven that vaccines are not a panacea for the coronavirus.

Anand’s predictions coincide with the tense atmosphere between Taiwan and the CCP following U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The CCP’s intimidating flights over Taiwan’s airspace have put the world on alert.

Even more worrying was the announcement of a new era where human genetics will be modified. Anand marks 2020 as the beginning of this new era that will be very negative for humanity. The young Indian may be getting it right again if we take into account the CCP’s experiments to create a superior race by altering human DNA.

He also added that man is “evolving” to become greedier and more selfish every day and that the only hope for freedom from chaos is for man to listen to the ancient sages, lead a healthy, prudent life, and be kind to others.

Successful predictions by Anand

The Indian prodigy specifically named China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan as potential disaster areas, especially those caused by extreme weather.

With respect to China, he was right when he stated that Shanghai would be negatively impacted by its city closure policies, and the floods proved his premonitions correct.

The warnings that fell on Japan coincided when Shinzo Abe (former prime minister of Japan) was suddenly assassinated during his speech in Nara.

It was reported that on August 1, that the pandemic in Japan intensified, placing it in second place in the world in terms of the number of cases.

The economic, energy, and food crises, announced by Anand, have been felt since July 5 in Sri Lanka, when Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe declared the country bankrupt. Since then, the country, with a population of 22 million, has faced crude oil, food, medicine, and electricity shortages.

Earlier, Anand correctly predicted that a 7.3 magnitude earthquake would strike Japan, after warning that “there will be a big event on March 16.” On that day an earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture in northeastern Japan, with a tsunami risk.

Also the young man was right about the escalation of tensions, which led to the Russia-Ukraine conflict in March. He warned about severe geopolitical tension between March and April 2022, “which could shake the world.”

Anand warns of risks to the world economy

Following his accurate predictions about the turbulent changes in the world economy, high inflation, food and energy crises, countries such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Egypt, Laos, Lebanon, Burma (also known as Myanmar), Pakistan, Turkey, and Zimbabwe could go into recession and declare bankruptcy.

Anand said, “The risks of recession are going to double or even triple.” But, he added that this is a good thing because economies are “purging themselves of the excesses” of capital that causes harm.

Although the root causes of the economic problems of these countries are different, they are currently experiencing the worst food and fuel crisis.

The increase in interest rates on the debts of these emerging countries, the devaluation of their currencies, added to the pressure exerted by the pandemic, has increased the danger to their economies.

For example, Argentina suffers from high poverty rates, about 4 out of 10 Argentines are poor. The devaluation of its currency and the severe increase in inflation caused the central bank’s foreign exchange reserves to be lower than normal. Inflation could reach 70% at any time this year.

In Egypt, inflation rose by 15 % in April, resulting in 103 million people now living in poverty.

Lebanon is going down the same path as Sri Lanka. The consequences started with shortages of goods, increased inflation, and poverty.

These are some nations that began to go through what Anand called “a negative transition for the world.” Even so, the young man recommends that the world’s population “resist karma, do good deeds, be kind, and value life, to generate a great field of positive energy around them.” This would be the only way out for man to face these coming events.

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