Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social, Donald Trump’s social network, revealed some of the details of what the venture will be and provided his vision for the medium and long term, assuring that the former president’s company will help all those platforms and alternative media to the big Silicon Valley to prosper.

Devin Nunes, who resigned last month from his post as congressman to manage Trump’s social network, shared some details of what Truth Social will be, which promises to be much more than a simple social media focused on freedom of expression: Trump’s company plans to bring together all those alternative media and platforms that compete with Big Tech and create the ‘freest’ platform for Americans and the rest of the world.

While the ‘social media’ part of Truth Social will be launched soon, Nunes said the company will have a ‘three-pronged approach’.

“You have TRUTH Social platform, but we are also heavily looking at streaming and having a streaming service, and that is in development right now,” Nunes said to Fox News. “We are also looking at how we deliver the news, and deliver news to people. That is more conceptual right now.”

The social media, was announced to be launched on Feb. 21, is the first part of the project, and according to Nunes, they are working hard on creating a ‘high-quality product’ that is ‘safe, and that is key, a safe, family-friendly platform that does not censor based on politics.’

“So, all of these other companies that are out there that are an alternative to Big Tech, we believe we will help them all,” Nunes said. “A rising tide lifts all the boats that are fighting against these tech tyrants.”

What Truth Social will look like

Nunes said Truth Social will allow users to post their thoughts, photos and videos in a ‘simple and slick’ way. Accounts of political figures or authorities will also be able to be verified.

But one of the most outstanding aspects, the former congressman explains, is that it will be designed with the family in mind, the health of children, because algorithms will not be used to prioritize publications that are ‘trending’ that usually may contain either violence, sex or other harmful things for kids and in general.

“This is a quality, user-friendly product. It will be in chronological order, and the feed will be so that you don’t miss what your distant relative posted about their kid’s soccer game over the weekend–that’s what happens now on your platforms, you’re just served so much garbage all the time,” Nunes explained.

“We want this to be something that you’re not worried about your kids or your grandparents being on,” he added.

Some of the challenges

Nunes said Truth Social will not be a platform just for Republicans, precisely because the company is not going to use any of these algorithms that filter content, that prioritize certain characters while ‘hiding’ others, but is meant to be something for ‘all Americans.’

Because the approach is different from what people are currently familiar with, one of the challenges is to create all of this from scratch, given that Truth Social can’t hire or mix with the ‘woke’ companies that in the past have participated in censorship in different ways.

Fortunately, explains Nunes, “TMTG has assembled a robust team of world-class patriots committed to developing TRUTH Social and displacing Big Tech’s repressive hold on the digital public square. Our team is excited to be in the final stages of development on this critical platform.”

The former congressman said he is in awe of Trump’s keen eye focused on detail and creating an unparalleled experience for users.

For Nunes, Truth Social became his mission

Nunes recalls that he was one of the first to be ‘shadow banned’ on Twitter (which is when the platform does not show your posts to your followers). Since then and being a congressman, he has taken the issue of censorship on social media very seriously.

But Nunes doesn’t see himself as a businessman: “I still see what I am doing as a public service. It is not political, but it is public service. This has to be done. This is the most important issue at the highest level.”

Indeed, for the former congressman, being able to successfully run a platform like Truth Social has become a communal task:

“It is really serious what we’re doing. Millions of Americans and people around the globe are counting on us to get this done and get it done right.”

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