New York’s largest public school union wants teachers to report students who are unmasked or stand too close.

The United Federation of Teachers’s (UFT’s) student quarantine issues form lets educators attach photos and other evidence of potential pandemic restriction breaches on school property.

UFT claims the measure is necessary to comply with the New York City mayor’s new quarantine guidelines for students. A 3 foot distance has to be maintained and both noses and mouths must be covered.

The mayor’s office previously tried to enforce the mandate. However, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit blocked the order until a three-judge panel could carefully examine the case.

The decision came after NY Teachers for Choice sued Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate for not offering the option to present a negative COVID-19 test result.

“Unlike other city employees, who were ordered to either get the shot or submit to weekly testing, the educators have no testing option,” the organization said in a statement.

Health activist group Children’s Health Defense NY, advised by attorney Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., supports the lawsuit.

Attorney Sujata Gibson recently filed the matter in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

“These policies are as blatantly unconstitutional as they are repulsive,” Gibson said in the statement. “This issue is long-settled and it shocks the conscience that this type of unconstitutional discrimination would be resurrected by the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE).”

A group of NYC DOE employees including Teachers for Choice founder Michael Kane are named as plaintiffs.

“It is truly a shame that the NYC DOE has no clue what the establishment clause of the First Amendment of the Constitution is,” Kane said.

Teachers for Choice comprises of teachers and parents who are “100 percent against forced medical mandates for any American to keep their job, especially educators,” according to the organization’s website

Members complain that vaccination every six months has become a “way of life” for them. Those who refuse to be immunized are concerned about losing employment opportunities.

They also expressed concern about biometric systems, permanent universal masking, and unions failing to protect individual civil liberties.

Various social network users expressed outrage about the new online reporting form.

“Tyranny is now here,” retopham123 said on Twitter.

“This disgusting vaccine is not a COVID-19 prevention, instead [it] is an experiment and a poison!” Mike and Ily Rodriguez said on Twitter.

Social network user Ed McGonigal believes the online reporting form will only encourage further division across the education sector.

“Snitches get bonuses,” he said on Twitter.

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