A young British mother has spoken out about an awkward sticky situation in which she rushed her baby to the emergency room, believing he had a large hole in his mouth.

Becky Stiles, 24, from Essex, was changing baby Harvey’s diaper at home in Essex and described her dismay at seeing a big dark red “hole” in the roof of his mouth, according to The Sun.

“I tried to touch it but he just screamed at me, so I made his dad rush over and see it,” Stiles remembered being “shaking, sweating and holding back the tears.”

“We put a torch [flashlight] on it and his dad said, ‘What the hell is that?’” she remembered.

When a nurse shone her pen flashlight into Harvey’s mouth at the hospital, staff looked eager to rush him to a specialist.

“After about 30 seconds of looking, she said, ‘That’s a sticker,’” recalled the mom, who at first disputed the diagnosis, insisting it was a hole.

However, the nurse simply “put her finger in his mouth and hooked it out,” as Stiles confessed to the Sun earlier this week.

“I laughed, was shaking and so embarrassed … I told her I felt like a right prat,” she said, using slang for a fool in the UK, and that she would have hugged the nurse if COVID-19 safety laws had not prohibited it.

“She replied with, ‘Well, I’ve never fixed a cleft palate at A&E doors before,’” Stiles remembered the nurse laughing at the situation.

“We all carried on laughing as we made the walk of shame back to the car,” she went on to say that she had to call all of the family members who had helped to inform them that “Harvey didn’t have a hole in his mouth” but had simply “taken a liking to stickers.”

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