Representatives from both parties in the US jointly introduced the Direct Investigations on China, Take Action to Oppose Russia (DICTATOR) Act of 2022 on March 7th. The act calls on the US federal government to investigate whether the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliates had helped Russia evade U.S. sanctions.

If passed, the Secretary of State Antony Blinken will brief Congress on the matter. At the same time, the bill requires the State Department to submit a detailed report of which “CCP-affiliated entities may have assisted the Russian Federation” to cope with US sanctions and actions against Russia.

As the communist regime did not join other countries in the sanctions on Russia, Rep. Young Kim said, “silence and deference from the People’s Republic of China toward the Russian Federation cannot be ignored.”

She added, “In today’s world, a threat to freedom anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere. The DICTATOR Act will ensure the US sends a clear message to the PRC and CCP that any efforts to assist Russia in evading US-imposed sanctions will not be tolerated and will be met with severe costs. As authoritarian regimes seek to undermine and destroy freedom and democracy around the world, the United States must demonstrate leadership, unity and strength.”

The US, EU nations, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, have imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation’s banks, businesses, and high-profile Russian elites. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on February 28th that the regime opposed unilateral sanctions and would “carry out normal trade cooperation” with Moscow.

Elissa Slotkin said, “The way Russia has cozied up to the Chinese in recent months is concerning, and we need to make sure China isn’t helping Putin and his cronies evade sanctions and, by extension, supporting this appalling, violent invasion of a sovereign country. The DICTATOR Act will make sure that the US investigates whether Beijing is assisting Moscow and develops a clear strategy to block the Chinese government from helping Putin avoid the consequences of his actions.”

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