The COVID-19 pandemic in Heilongjiang province is very serious. The number of infected people in Jiamusi city, the worst affected area, has been at a high level for several days. Since September 21, the downtown area has been under extreme measures. The pandemic situation in Heihe city is gradually increasing, transmission is spreading. There is information on the internet that nearly 2,000 students and parents from Xiangfang Primary School No. 2 in Harbin have been sent to quarantine.

The worst-affected area in Heilongjiang is under static management

Summarizing from NetEase’s report, the current outbreak in Jiamusi city shows that the infection is concentrated. For example, on September 18, many students of Jiamusi No. 1 middle school were infected. The virus causing the spread of this outbreak is omicron BA.5.2 variant, which spreads rapidly. The incubation period of this outbreak is shorter mainly 2-4 days.

Because Jiamusi city is the hardest hit area in Heilongjiang Province, officials have decided to extend static management, that is residents must stay indoors and public transportation is suspended for another 7 days from 5 a.m. on the September 21. Except for essential means of transportation, other vehicles are strictly prohibited from driving in the city.

All construction sites and factories were closed for management, except for security units, business units and other public places which will be suspended. Also, residents are required not to leave the city unless absolutely necessary.

Police threaten residents, “You can’t run away from me!”

In a video posted on September 23, a man said that the pandemic situation in Jiamusi is very serious, and now all people are isolated at home. Five days ago the city was suddenly locked down and it’s been under static management for 5 days. At first the notice was only for 3 days and now it has been increased by another 7 days, (a total of 10 days). We are expecting another extension after the 10 days.

According to the Vision Times, a video shows an older man being caught by the police while going out at the night. The police threaten him and then put him in a police car.

2,000 primary school students and parents in Harbin quarantined

On September 22, all 74 positive cases in Heihe City were from Aihui District. China Youth Daily, citing CCTV news, said that Heihe officials said that the current outbreak in Aihui District is the omicron variant. High potency, rapid spread. At present there are several groups infected in Heihe City. Since September 8, the cumulative number of positive infections in the city has reached 147 cases.

According to public data, Heihe is a provincial-level city under the administration of Heilongjiang province, with 1 city directly under the central government, 2 counties and 3 county-level cities managed. As of November 1, 2020, the population of Heihe is over 1,000,000. In a video posted on the internet on September 22, netizens pointed out that a large number of students in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province, have been quarantined. In the video, a large number of students wearing white protective gear are lined up waiting to enter the quarantine hotel with backpacks and suitcases. One man said, “Look at this person, oh my god! There are nearly 2,000 students and parents at Xiangfang School No. 2!”

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