The 20th National Congress is approaching, and the pandemic prevention measures by local governments continue to increase. A few days ago, Shenqiu County, Henan Province issued a notice encouraging the public to report people with high fevers, once they are diagnosed as positive for COVID-19. The whistleblower will be awarded 50,000 yuan (about $7,000). Chinese netizens called this move a “wanted-type pandemic prevention,” with a lot of comments mocking and criticizing on social networks.

According to The Paper, on October 3, the Anti-pandemic Command in Shenqiu District, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, China issued a notice saying that in order to fully implement the “reporting stations” on surveillance of new COVID cases the command decided to facilitate an early warning reward mechanism for “reporting stations” throughout the county. So-called reporting stations include facilities such as fever clinics, grassroots health authorities, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets, public places, public transportation, and taxis.

According to the notice, a person at the reporting station will be rewarded 200 yuan ($28) for each person they find yellow-coded or those who pass through the medium- and high-risk areas when they scan health codes or travel codes. they must promptly report and implement temporary control measures. If someone with a red code is found and reported, the person reporting will be rewarded with 500 yuan; if a person is found to have a high fever, has been to a medium or high risk area, the person reporting will get 5,000 yuan ($700). and if they find feverish patients who live in medium and high risk areas, and take appropriate measures, and they are diagnosed with COVID-19 then the whistleblower get 50,000 yuan (about $7,000).

If they report on people entering public places without scanning or verifying the code, after verification, whistleblowers will get 100 yuan ($14) per case.

NTDTV said that after the notice was reported by the media, netizens quickly retweeted it on social media and it became a hot search for Baidu. There were heated discussions among netizens, and Chinese netizens almost all criticized or ridiculed this measure.

People were asking, “How can people’s tax money be spent like this?” Another netizen joked, “Do you get money if you report yourself?” Another netizen: “How good would it be if I was rewarded an apartment.”

A Beijing netizen left a mocking question, “What if my father has a fever?” A Suzhou netizen replied: “Take 50 yuan first and calculate later, it’s just a fever, it will go away in a few days.” A Chongqing netizen also mocked: “Let him infect you, then go report to earn 100,000 yuan!” However, a Shanghai netizen said: “You are all ordinary people, don’t expect to receive money, that money is not prepared for you.”

The website wenxuecity reported, that the account “mongoose” joked, “People who have neither work nor food to eat, can help each other report to get money to survive.”

Nickname “sevenfish” also laughed and said, “Haha, I also thought about actively infecting, then reporting people and leaving with the money.”

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