After the White Paper Movement took off, senior CCP officials seem to be trying to ease the mood of the protesters. They announced that some areas have eased lockdown measures. But a few days ago, it was reported that Shandong, Gansu, and other places suddenly started sending a large number of students to quarantine huts, causing discontent among students and a dispute with Chinese pandemic staff. Under all kinds of pressure, an 18-year-old girl couldn’t help but shout angrily, “Are we animals?”

Jinan sends university students to field hospitals

After the fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang on November 24, caused dozens of protests against extreme pandemic measures, officials in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, and Beijing announced the easing of pandemic measures to quell people’s discontent. However, some netizens reposted a video saying that the authorities in Jinan, Shandong province suddenly started transferring many university students to field hospitals for quarantine. Many parents and students expressed their displeasure, arguing with medical staff.

According to Vision Times, Shandong University of Architecture also transferred many university students to field hospitals for quarantine. A Weibo netizen wanted to know how did the school leadership, find these positive cases since the dormitory is closed and they are doing nucleic testing every day. Students aren’t allowed to leave so why are they being taken to quarantine huts?

Caixin’s “Financial Eleven” reported that at the end of November 15 provincial and regional cities in Shandong were found to be planning to invest more than 23 billion yuan (about $3.3 billion) to build field hospitals with over 200,000 beds. This report was posted on Weibo on November 29, and then deleted that evening.

According to Vision Times, after the information came to light, many netizens expressed mixed opinions. One said, “Still building cabins, I know this is not over.”

Another mocked that “this is the myth of ‘one country, two systems.'”

A girl from Gansu angrily shouted: Are we animals?

In addition to Shandong, there are rumors in Gansu that some students have been mysteriously arrested and taken to field hospitals.

At the end of November, a large number of students from Gansu University of Finance and Commerce were taken to Lanzhou Hospital for quarantine. However, there’s no heat in the place. A female student went to the staff to report a problem. she pointed out that the second floor is very hot but the third floor has no heat. She wanted to know why.

The staff ignored her and she got upset and yelled at the staff, “We asked for medicine, but you said there was no medicine, what should we students do? Are we animals? Who should we look for to help us?

According to NetEase, before this, Doan Xiaohong, an associate professor at Lanzhou University, was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was sent to quarantine. On November 25, she was discharged and returned home, but her neighbors noticed that there was something wrong with her. Two 2 days later she committed suicide. Lanzhou University did not elaborate.

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