Leonardo DiCaprio, a Hollywood actor who has always been concerned about the environment, recently tweeted criticizing the Chinese Communist Party for expanding its ocean fishing fleet and depleting fish stocks.

On September 29, DiCaprio accused China of overfishing, “The past two decades have seen China build its deep-sea fishing fleet into the thousands, resulting in China depleting its own stock of fish in oceans closest to them. In turn, their fishermen have sailed to other oceans across the world to continue deep-sea fishing.”

DiCaprio’s criticism has caused controversy on Chinese internet. NTDTV has quotes in Chinese claiming, “Leonardo has become an anti-China political tool in the U.S. “

But another mainland netizen said, “Leonardo is always concerned about environmental protection, so he should not be banned.”

Some netizen also scoffed, “This angle of humiliation from Leonardo has never been seen before from movie stars. At first glance, it is the result of individual independent thinking.”

DiCaprio is not only a Hollywood movie star and film producer but also someone who is very interested in environmental protections. He often shares some of his knowledge on social networks, and has also openly talked about issues such as environmental pollution and species extinction.

In response to DiCaprio’s “insulting China,”, some Twitter users responded with figures, “In fact, until 2020, China’s seafood accounted for 15% of the world’s catches, higher than the second (Indonesia) and the third (Peru) combined. Among them, ocean fishing accounts for the majority. How did Leonardo offend China? Answer: He just tell the truth!”

Qin Peng, a commentator on current affairs in the U.S., said on the program “Observing Qin Peng, “The environment needs to be protected, and ocean fishing needs to be moderated. So, countries around the world, including China, all have fishing regulations. However, China guards inside, but arbitrarily catch outside.”

He pointed out that because the CCP has long confused the relationship between the CCP and China, many people consider comments that are critical of the CCP and such rational opinions as “insulting China.” But the truth is, as former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, it is the CCP that is really the biggest anti-Chinese force, the one that offends China the most.

In recent years, countless Hollywood stars have been labeled “Chinese insults” and even Chinese-American stars have been censored for their comments.

In 2021, Chinese-American female director Chloé Zhao won the 93rd Academy Award for best picture and best director for the film “Nomadland.” However, in an overseas interview in 2013 she stated, “China is a place full of lies” (“where there are lies everywhere“). Zhao  was accused of insulting China for this, and the film “Nomadland” was banned in the mainland.

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