Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who is accusing President Donald Trump of pressuring foreign leaders to harm a political rival, tried to get compromising material on the president in 2017—from purported foreign officials.

California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff accused President Donald Trump of allegedly seeking foreign aid against his political opponent Joe Biden, according to The Western Journal.

This accusation is part of an attempt by the Democratic Party, led by Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, to oust President Trump for allegedly pressuring Ukraine President Volodumyr Zelensky to find “dirt” on Biden in a July 25 phone call.

However, Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz reminded Schiff on Twitter that what he accuses Trump of—without proof—is what he himself did in 2017 and that there is a recording of a call that exposes him.

It all happened when Russian radio broadcasters called Schiff posing as Kremlin officials claiming that they had compromising information on Donald Trump and were offering it to the congressman, who listened very attentively.

Popular comedians Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetzov and Alexey “Lexus” Stolyarov posed as Andriy Parubiy, a conservative politician who was president of the Ukrainian Parliament at the time.

During the call, the fake Parubiy told Schiff they had photographs of President Trump naked with a Russian television star linked to Vladimir Putin, president of Russia.

According to the fake official, Putin was blackmailing Donald Trump with these images seeking to end all US sanctions on Russia.

The congressman was very interested and asked for the material to be sent to him so that it could be made available to the FBI and the House Intelligence Committee, of which he was ranking member at the time.

“I would caution that our Russian friends may be listening to the conversation so I wouldn’t share anything over the phone that you wouldn’t want them to hear,” Schiff warned in the recording.

The comedians continued the charade by detailing how Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, had been acting as an intermediary in negotiations with the Kremlin representative who, they said, was a Russian pop singer.

“Alrighty. This was very helpful, I appreciate it,” Schiff told the fake Parubiy adding that the United States would appreciate the opportunity to review the evidence he had described.

“So we will try to work with the FBI to figure out along with your staff how we can obtain copies of those,” he added.

The recording was made public in January 2018 and a spokesman for Congressman Schiff was quick to assert that they had realized that the call was false from the beginning.

“Before agreeing to take the call, and immediately following it, the committee informed appropriate law-enforcement and security personnel of the conversation, and of our belief that it was probably bogus,” said a spokesman for Congressman Schiff, according to The Atlantic.

But the truth is that, according to the Daily Mail, several e-mails followed the call between staff in the congressman’s office and alleged officials to agree on how to get the material.

“I understand Mr. Schiff had a productive call with Mr. Parubiy, and that Mr. Parubiy would like to make some material available to Mr. Schiff through your embassy,” a Schiff aide wrote in an e-mail, according to the Daily Mail.

“Please let me know how best to arrange pick-up of those materials from your Embassy in Washington, D.C.”

In reference to this incident Republican Representative Matt Gaetz shared a video and wrote:

“Rep. Adam Schiff is a hypocrite.”

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