During the harsh cold days, a humble scene of animals sheltering each other could warm anyone’s heart.

Then comes the viral images of a goose embracing a small vulnerable puppy in a small corner of an unknown street that melted the internet. 

It appeared that the pair were sharing the little heat they had to each other under a challenging cold sky. But there had been no confirmed back story of whom and when the pictures were taken or any context behind one of the seemingly precious moments in life. 

There have been multiple versions of the two special characters around the internet. But according to Snopes, the pictures made their debut in China in 2017 and started to capture Western hearts in 2019.

One version shared by Facebook user Suzanne PadaPetra said the goose was stuck to a pole in Montana, U.S. The puppy was lost from its mother and was critically shivering from the cold. The bird could not bear to watch it, spread its wings, and embraced the tiny creature.

Bystander shared moment freezing puppy was embraced by goose, Jan. 31, 2019 (Suzanne PadaPetra/Facebook)

The Chinese recount of the event told a similar lovely story. Snopes translated that the puppy was shivering all by himself by the side of a road, then a group of ducks came by. One mother duck could not bear to watch, and she immediately surrounded the puppy with her warmth. 

With either version, one thing stood out inarguably: the images highlighted one of the most beautiful values in life, empathy. 

They also are a reminder of how kindheartedness can just be a random event.

“In the care of the mother duck, the puppy no longer has to be afraid of being cold, and only this kind of particularly caring duck mother will do this,” the translated version reads. “The average animal will not be like this for children who are not their own.”

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