Nothing can compare to a mother’s love for her children, a hero who would willingly put herself in danger to defend her children. A recent example of this deep love is a single mother from Michigan who boldly raced into her burning home to save her babies.

The heartbreaking tragedy occurred on Oct. 26. According to Chelsea firemen Lieutenant Derek Klink and Captain Scott Basar, Mikala Vish repeatedly re-entered her smoldering house early in the morning to save her children, ages 12, 6, 4, and 9 months.

During the rescue of her four children from their blazing home, the brave mom sustained second-and third-degree burns to 60% of her body—Mikala Vish showed to the world that mothers would go to any length for their children.

According to Chelsea Area Fire Authority Captain Basar, Vish was treated at Michigan Medicine’s burn center in Ann Arbor. Scott Basar said she is a true hero.

The first on the scene was the Dexter Fire Department. The firemen saw Vish sprinting out with a child before racing back inside to save her other one.

Vish and her six-year-old son, Torin, were the only ones hurt. Torin got severe burns on his hands and arms. He and his mother both had skin transplant procedures.

Vish, the strong woman that she is, sustained no neurological or ocular damage, but she may need to stay in the hospital for eight months.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Mikala’s mother, Susan Sutton, is extremely proud of her daughter, “She has always been a spitfire; she is extremely determined.” So it “didn’t surprise me at all. As I understand, it was an inferno, and she just braced herself for it until she found [her 6-year-old son].

She is a woman of great faith and prayer, and I think that along with her very spitfire personality is what’s getting her through, and it gives me the courage to know this is going to work.”

One of the firemen that responded to the blazing house was Lt. Derek Klink. He shared Vish’s actions, “Sometimes, people call us heroes. And in this instance, in no way were we the hero. Mikala deserves all the credit.”

Derek’s wife, Brynna Klink, set up a GoFundMe page for the family. She claims that this occurrence affected her spouse because they both had children of the same age.

As of Nov. 19, donations total $270,000; Klink also stated on Nov. 13 that “Mikala and Torin have been showing incredible progress.”

Torin is currently enduring numerous hours of physical treatment each day, as well as occupational therapy. Vish is successfully extubated. She can converse, while healing will take time, she is making remarkable progress.

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