Yuncheng City in Shanxi Province recently implemented a “New Education Policy.” Parents must pay social security for their children to attend school. The news went viral and caused public anger.

The footage shows a long line of parents waiting outside the government service center in Yanhu District, Yuncheng. Due to the new regulations, people have no choice but to obey the rules. [Video 0:10- 0:34]

According to Xiwang Zhisheng media, the Yanhu government replies that parents must pay social security simply because of the compulsory education law.

The Yuncheng Education Bureau staff said, “ This year’s social security is like this because this year’s conditions are like this, and it isn’t negotiable.”

As for the procedure, two conditions are required for parents. A legal occupation, labor contract, and social security confirmed by authorities. Besides, a long-term legal residence includes a residence permit, and fixed real estate is also required.

This regulation caused dissatisfaction among netizens. Some wonder what would happen to the children if their parents were unemployed.

According to Xin Tang Ren, many schools across China have set social security standards for further education. Refusing to pay for social security means children can only study in the countryside.

For instance, parents of children from other places who wish to attend school in Beijing must pay social security for three consecutive years and six years for college examinations.

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