A wooden fish, also known as a wooden bell, is often used by monks and nuns in Buddhist or Taoist rituals of chanting or asking for alms. But now, young Chinese are using this tool to relieve stress in their lives. And most significantly, using them everywhere through an online app, “Wooden Fish.”

According to Sixth Tone, many experts believe that the stress level among young people in China is increasing. Especially for students who have just graduated from school and have a diploma, there is no guarantee that they will quickly get a job.

And the temporary solution that they choose for releasing stress is to hold an Ipad and type on the screen with a touch pen. When knocking on the wooden fish, a pure sound will be heard with the words “Merit +1” displayed on the screen.

Hu Wan, a college student, told Sixthtone, “At first, I just thought it was funny, but later I found the rhythmic sound quite soothing. 

“Some of the sound effects seemed to purify my soul. Especially when I have to get a paper done quickly, I can be anxious. I need some calming sounds.”

With its popularity among young people, Muyu App or “Wooden Fish” quickly rose to 2nd spot in the AppStore’s free download list in China. Up to now, the number of users has nearly reached 5 million.

This activity has almost become a trend among young people. On Tiktok, there are more than 150 million videos related to wooden fish. The top results of the video streaming site Bilibili show hundreds of thousands or even millions of views.

When increasingly interested in the public, the manufacturer has now added more functions such as digital incense burning, reciting prayers, and counting prayer beads on smartwatches.

Besides, app developers have launched more premium settings, allowing users to compete with their friends for the top score. Thereby, it can be seen that this is no longer simply an activity with religious significance but more like a game for entertainment.

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