According to Beijing News, Xue Lang Middle School in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, has recently issued an additional notice to students. When submitting the admission application, students must provide COVID-19 vaccination certificates of both sides’ grandfathers and grandmothers living in Wuxi. Otherwise, admission applications will not be accepted.

On July 26, Xue Lang Middle School staff said they had been asked to provide vaccination certificates for those over 60 years old who live with students and need to consider whether the students have a safe living environment. This requirement has now been canceled, and providing nucleic acid certificates of family members living together will suffice. As to why students do not need to provide their parents’ vaccination certificates in the notice, the staff member said students’ parents are generally fully vaccinated.

“Additional Notice for Students Enrolling at Xue Lang Middle School” requires students who come to receive admission applications to bring relevant documents, including both sides’ grandfathers and grandmothers living in Wuxi. In addition, it is a must to have a vaccination certificate. Without this, students cannot receive admission applications.

A Beijing News reporter on the morning of July 26 called the Education Bureau of Pinggu District, Wuxi City. Mr. Wang, who is in charge of petition work, confirmed the truth of the report.

However, according to Vision Times, an employee of the culture and education department of the Political and Legal Department of Xinhu District, Wuxi City, said they were unaware of the announcement. According to this employee, at the meeting on Oct. 25, the district proposed that elderly people over 60 should get vaccinated. He said: “We let schools take the lead, multiply “the whole population vaccination response,” and try to complete the vaccination mission assigned by our superiors.” This person also said that there were no rigid requirements for the school at that time, “maybe the school’s language is inaccurate or inappropriate, and we will contact the school as soon as possible.” On the morning of Oct. 26, the phone number of Xue Lang Secondary School was temporarily unavailable.

In this regard, netizens angrily said:

  • “It’s against the law to tread on others like that;
  • “Why are the CCP bandits in Wuxi so crazy;
  • “… Children’s education becomes a trump card for the CPP to coerce others, they use all kinds of measures and drag over 60-year-old people to torture. The CCP is too evil and despicable, they even take the children’s admission status to force the elderly to get vaccinated, students cannot go to school without certificates, this is a blatant murder.”
  • “Wuxi, Jiangsu, without a record of three injections, people will be banned from entering residential areas!.”

His comments reaffirmed the decision of an epidemic prevention meeting that “without a record of three injections, people are unable to enter a residential area. The first time non-cooperator will be warned. Those involved in serious interference will be forcibly taken away.”

“All employees in the community (except for special reasons) without three injections cannot go to work.”

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