China is providing challenges to both the United States and globe with its largest military buildup since World War II.

Admiral John Aquilino, Commander of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, gave such remarks in a conversation hosted by the Foundation for Defense Of Democracies on June 24.

Aquilino said that China’s military buildup has encompassed “all domains and all capabilities, whether it’s naval ships, whether it’s fifth-generation aircraft, whether it’s missile forces, whether it’s cyber capability or capability in space, to include strategic nuclear capability.”

The commander warned that the Americans should be aware of the threats from China.  

He said: “The concern for all Americans should be the pace, scale, and scope that China is growing and what does that mean with regard to intent for a future peaceful globe.”

Bradley Bowman is Director of the Center on Military and Political Power. During the event, he said that the more China builds up their military, the more aggressive they’re behaving in a lot of places, including the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea.

In its 2022 National Defense Strategy, the U.S. Defense Department said the multi-domain threat posed by China is the most consequential strategic competitor and the pacing challenge for the department.

Regarding the Ukraine-Russia war, Aquilino also pointed to a threat. He said that the most concerning aspect of the conflict is that China has declared a no-limits policy in support of Russia. That means if those two countries truly demonstrate and deliver a no-limits policy, the U.S. and the world would be in danger.

During the conversation, Aquilino stressed the importance of some regional places to the U.S. military posture, such as Guam, Japan and South Korea. 

Regarding Japan and South Korea, he said: “The places we operate with our allies and partners across the region [are] important to deliver deterrence.”

He said Guam is also a strategic location. The U.S. needs to operate from Guam, and needs to both fight for and from Guam.

Aquilino referred to the Indo–Pacific region as “half the globe. He said the U.S. can operate as a joint force, synchronized, integrated in all domains across vast distances as proved over years.

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