Qin Yi was one of the most popular actresses in Chinese cinema, and her quality as an artist even brought her international recognition. Unfortunately, on May 9, 2022, she passed away at 100.

But the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) marked the actress with an indelible stain by using her as part of the vicious smear campaign to which it subjected the Falun Dafa or Falun Gong spiritual discipline.

When the actress was 90, the CCP used her to star in a video where she acted out a series of slanders against Falun Gong. The video remains in circulation to this day.

Qin Yi weathered the ups and downs of 20th-century Chinese history and thrived under different political realities. She became famous before the Communists took power in 1949 and exhibited the ability to connect with different generations of Chinese moviegoers during an eight-decade career in which she was always the center of attention in the entertainment world.

During the Cultural Revolution, she suffered persecution by the CCP and was even detained in a re-education center where she was exploited for labor. The communist regime, as it did with so many thousands of other artists, “managed to re-educate” the popular actress. She resumed her career, which was full of successes until her retirement. 

Obviously, in communist China, her success depended on remaining loyal to the party. It’s hard to say whether her unconditional support was a genuine conviction or a product of personal convenience.

Any film buff would like to remember her as a woman who gained worldwide recognition for her beauty and gifts as an excellent artist. But unfortunately, a large part of the Chinese population and many abroad remember her as a well-known actress who participated in the perverse system of smearing used by the Chinese regime to falsely demonize the Falun Dafa discipline, which is based on the principles of Truth, Benevolence, and Tolerance.

It is truly distressing that the CCP has exploited a talented ninety-year-old woman for propaganda purposes. The videos in which she is seen repeating lies about Falun Gong add nothing to Qin Yi’s glory. 

It would serve no purpose to analyze the propaganda videos in which the actress was involved. The CCP obviously trained her to repeat a series of lies about it, so they say nothing meaningful about Falun Dafa or Qin Yi’s artwork. However, it shows the ruthless tactics of the CCP to confront those it considers enemies. 

Regime uses ‘4th estate’ to expand power inside and outside China

The CCP has perfected its policy of propaganda and disinformation, strategies it has used to maintain and expand its power and denigrate and stigmatize those it wishes to eliminate.

It is currently applying this method to protect its interests globally. To promote its authoritarian model, conceal its human rights abuses in China and indoctrinate its citizens to fight against those sectors, beliefs, or institutions the CCP considers its enemies.

It has long been known that the Chinese regime has an army of trolls in charge of spreading all kinds of fake news and extolling the CCP against the West. In addition, the regime uses many state media in China as a fierce disinformation tool.

At the same time, the CCP took it upon itself to eliminate every dissident voice inside China that tried to expose the regime’s evils. As a result, even recently, journalists, businessmen, famous sportsmen, and professionals have ended up in prison or disappeared for publishing videos or evidentiary information about various crimes and atrocities committed by the regime.

Smear campaign against the discipline of Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa was introduced to the public in China in May 1992. The miraculous health benefits of following the promoted principles of Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Tolerance attracted many people. In 1999 when its persecution began, the party estimated the number of practitioners to be between 70 and 100 million.

The Guangming Daily, one of China’s main communist propaganda outlets, published an editorial on June 17, 1996, defaming Falun Gong without providing evidence for its accusations. This marked only the beginning of a fierce persecution that continues to this day.

After several years in which the CCP tried by various means to discredit the discipline and its practitioners, in 1999 Jiang Zemin, then head of the CCP, created a special force, under the name of the “610 Office,” with the goal of “eliminating” Falun Gong, and in July 1999 the official nationwide persecution of Falun Gong was launched.

From that point on, the persecution has been brutal. Thousands of practitioners were illegally imprisoned, subjected to torture sessions to force them to abandon their faith, and taken to forced labor camps. Many were killed or died of injuries.

In addition, the regime used its entire propaganda apparatus to convince the population that the millenarian discipline was a perverse sect that motivated its practitioners to commit suicide, kill their loved ones and develop severe mental problems. 

They never managed to present any kind of actual evidence. However, the insistence was so great that it generated enormous damage to the practitioners of the discipline, who in many cases suffered labor, social, and even family discrimination. 

The false self-immolation in Tiananmen

The most extreme point of the regime’s attempt to defame Falun Dafa was on January 23, 2001. Then, Xinhua, the official press agency of the Chinese Communist regime, reported that five Falun Dafa spiritual discipline practitioners attempted to set themselves on fire in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Just two hours after the alleged incident, the news agency reported in both Chinese and English with editing, efficiency, and speed unheard of at the time for that media outlet, which aroused great suspicion among international journalists and researchers.

Indeed, motivated by this unusual “transparency” and “efficiency,” some journalists began their own investigation to find out what really happened that day.

An investigation by Philip Pan, a reporter for the Washington Post newspaper, found that the scene was a hoax by the communist regime to defame the practitioners of the discipline.

Similarly, the United Nations, Reporters Without Borders, Amnesty International, and other independent media discovered gaps in Xinhua’s official account. 

False Fire: China’s New and Tragic Hoax Propaganda, a documentary produced by NTD Television that evidenced how the self-immolation was staged, won an honorable mention certificate at the 51st Columbus International Film and Video Festival. In addition, numerous witnesses independently testified that martial law was enforced in Tiananmen Square that day and that the entire incident was staged.

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