In the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show on Tuesday, Feb. 22, former President Donald Trump said he believes that China will do something to Taiwan, similar to current Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Trump commented after the host Clay Travis asked him why Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine while Joe Biden was in office.

Trump said, “I think he [Putin] sees this opportunity. I knew he always wanted Ukraine”.

“By the way, China is gonna be next.”

Travis interrupted Trump, asking, “You think they’re going to go after Taiwan?”

“Oh, absolutely,” answered Trump.

The former president added, “They’re waiting ’til after the Olympics… It’s almost like twin sisters right here because you have one that wants Taiwan, I think, equally badly”.

According to Taiwan News, Trump is not alone in his prediction. After Putin ordered the Russian military to invade Ukraine, many netizens commented that China would soon invade Taiwan.

For example, on a post on Hong Kong-based social media 9GAG, a netizen posted a picture of a bear and a panda entitled “The world right now.” Both the bear and the panda are wearing military uniforms, standing side by side, holding sniper rifles, one aimed at Ukraine and the other one at Taiwan.

In an address at the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 20, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that “If Ukraine is invaded, the shock will echo around the world. And those echoes will be heard in east Asia — they will be heard in Taiwan”.

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