The Central Meteorological Observatory, on August 13, continued to issue a high-temperature red warning with 40-42 ℃. In some places, the temperature is up to 43 °C.

According to CCTV Finance and Economics news on the 12th, the sweltering weather of 40 °C (over 100 °F) set a new record for Shanghai since meteorological records began in 1873.

Many Shanghai netizens posted their electricity bills from July on social platforms, ranging from one to two thousand to five or six thousand. “I was shocked when I received the electricity bill.”

Some netizens also questioned, “The electricity bill is $740 a month. How much power does it have to install cooling facilities?” “The air conditioner is normally turned on, and a 100-square-meter house, even if it does not stop 24 hours a day, will only cost a few hundred in electricity bills. The electricity bill of $740 a month is unbelievable.”

Another netizen calculated, “The electricity bill of $740 a month is over $25 a day. According to the power consumption rating, this is unbelievable.”

Some netizens also said their home’s average monthly electricity bill exceeds $1480.

Mainland netizens said, “The Yangtze River Delta region is so hot that I can’t bear it anymore; I can’t keep up my spirits when I eat.”

On August 13, the topic “An eagle fell into a river in Nanjing with heat stroke,” was on the top search list on Baidu and Weibo. Live pigs transported from the northeast to the south suffered heatstroke due to high-temperature exposure.

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