The high temperatures that have scorched China for the last two months continue. The weather app on iPhone shows that the maximum temperature in Shanghai is above 50°C, but the local Bureau of Meteorology claims it is “not real.” Many netizens do not believe the authorities’ explanation.

On Aug. 5, the Iphone’s weather software showed that the highest temperature in Shanghai that day reached 122 F (50 C). For example, Putuo district reached 123 F (51 C) and Jing’an District also reached 116 F (47 C). However, the local Meteorological Bureau announced that the temperature in Shanghai was only about 104 F (40°C).

Apple’s temperature data has sparked heated discussions among netizens. Many residents in Shanghai say that the temperature they feel is definitely higher than the 104 F (40 C) officially declared by the government.

In response, the official Weibo titled “Shanghai Weather” by the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau replied that Apple’s weather forecast is the actual temperature “estimated by other means” from the Weather Company of the United States, not the real temperatures surveyed. Various mainland media have also begun to cooperate, doing what is called a “scientific explanation” of why the temperature people actually feel is higher than the officially published figures.

NTDTV reported that, because all data under the CCP’s rule must be “political,” many Chinese disagree with the official explanation. Especially after two months of lockdown, people’s lives have been seriously affected, and the reputation of the Shanghai government is increasingly questioned. Some netizens said they “would rather believe in Apple.”

Some netizens also said that the temperature data released by the government is “political,”, and it can also meet the “economic needs” of Chinese authorities. Many people said that the temperature in the country never exceeds 104 F, and if the temperature goes above that, work will be suspended and workers will be subsidized.

In recent years, the CCP in many places has issued regulations that companies must cease operations (or stop working outdoors) when the maximum daily temperature exceeds 104 F; when the daily maximum temperature is between 95 F °C and 104 F, the working hours or working conditions are also adjusted.

As of Aug. 5, many areas in China have experienced hot weather for more than 50 days. However, the maximum temperature officially announced by the Chinese government is mostly maintained below 104 F. Sometimes only “individual regions” exceed 104, but the highest temperature is only 105 F.

As of Aug. 5, high temperatures in the Sichuan Basin and the lower Yangtze River Basin, as well as the central region and elsewhere will continue.

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