In Shanghai, people’s anger and resistance are rising; nevertheless, prevention and control measures are escalating to the point that citizens feel they have no future.

Zhao Chu, a military expert and deputy director of the Shanghai Institute of National Defense Strategy, posted on his WeChat, protesting the brutal invasion of people’s homes, spraying disinfectant everywhere, and randomly sending people into quarantine. He said such nonsense is equivalent to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and if it comes to my home, what about my books? What about the quilt, the bed, the record player? There is only one conclusion. We must have armed resistance, no matter the cost.

A Twitter netizen said we are the last generation; thank you. We will not reproduce. These tragic words express the deepest despair. Behind this decision is a psychological and ontological judgment. We are deprived of a future worth looking forward to.

Some netizens said that the young person’s unusually calm retort was distressing. A netizen commented, when I saw the video here, sadness flashed through my heart. We are the last generation. We no longer need the future, CCP, sorry.

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