On November 11, an accident suddenly occurred on the Shanghai Metro Line 11. No information on casualties has been reported so far.

According to Sanli News, in the early morning of November 11, Shanghai subway exploded. The video shows the subway was submerged in smoke and fire.

It is reported that the Jiading Xincheng Station on Line 11 suffered a short circuit. 

Affected by this, two routes of Shanghai Metro were forced to stop running. Workers rushed to repair Line 11 immediately. The delay time of Line 11 was expected to be more than one hour.

Witnesses revealed that at the time the accident occurred, there weren’t any passengers on the subway.

At 10:00 a.m., Shanghai Metro issued another announcement saying that Line 11’s fault had been eliminated and the operation was gradually resuming.

In this regard, many netizens left comments to express their worry.

“It’s terrible, there have been many accidents recently”

“The fire is still quite scary”

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