On June 10th, it was reported that Shanghai’s residential areas were again in lockdown, people were fighting over food, and shops on the street were closed. A resident living in Shanghai said: “How can Shanghai overcome this! Lockdown again!” Someone also said, “I have only been back to work for eight days”.

In a YouTube video, at a supermarket of the Sam’s Club chain, Shanghai residents are described as “crazily snatching things,” as people flood the supermarket, “empty shelves after the scuffles of people buying stuff,” and buyers lined up at the check-out counter.

In the video, someone explains: “Shanghai people are hungry and worried that the city will be in lockdown again, so they are racing to collect vegetables and food” The vegetable markets are also chaotic, and people flock to buy supplies. One man said: “Now Shanghai becomes this again. Everyone is fighting for food; the shelves are empty.” Another said, “all of them are sold out; vegetables have run out! Meat has also been out of stock!.” Outside a food market, a woman said: “Shanghai vegetable markets are not open now, not being able to sell from inside to outside, you see what Shanghai is like now. Despite the many people, they still close the markets.

Someone posted a picture of a long queue at the supermarket and said, “After seeing at least five compounds going into lockdown tonight, I decided to hit COSTCO. It turns out half of Shanghai had the same idea.

The shelves were empty, and some vegetables were sold out.”

Residents posted a screenshot of the announcement from Covid-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters in Minhang District. with the following content: “According to the unified direction of the city, in order to consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control, and to proactively detect and control the risk of epidemic, the district deployed nucleic acid testing for all people in the district on the morning of June 11th. The samples collecting phase will be closely managed. When it is over, the district lockdown will be lifted. The district’s citizens actively cooperate.”

One video shows epidemic prevention and control staff in a residential area in Shanghai, holding hands and lining up like a wall to prevent people from leaving the area. In another scene, many people wearing blue protective uniforms stood in front of the gate of a residential area. There is also a scene of staff welding fences to prevent residents from leaving residential areas.

Another image shows shops along the street in Xiamen are closed. One man said: “The lockdown has been executed for nearly three months. I’ve only been (back) to work for a few days. Now it’s blocked again! All industries are blocked! Now what do we have to do?”. One woman lamented: “Oh god, Nanchang Road, Maoming South Road, has been locked down. I go to work through this road every day, now I am very worried!”. 

In the video, buses can be seen waiting to take people to quarantine. Many medical workers wear white protective suits at the residential area’s gate. A woman there said: “Every day, there is a bus taking people to quarantine; we are losing in this battle. There is no need to live here anymore.” One man said: “You see what Shanghai is like now! Lockdown again! You can only go in without getting out!”. Another man said, “Bro, I’ve only been back to work for eight days!” One person replied helplessly: “We haven’t worked in three months. What will we eat!”. The video shows that many residential areas have been locked down. In some places, steel barriers have been erected, and other areas have barbed wire fences to prevent people from going out.

Underneath the video, many netizens enthusiastically commented on this issue: “This is not a fight against the epidemic but a political battle; officials are watching the political infighting above, looking at the face of senior officials and obeying. Everything is messed up.” Others doubted the government’s profiteering and commented that “shops on the street were forced to close, banned from selling, people have only one way to go to supermarkets or designated shopping malls. This way, the authorities and large groups can share benefits with each other.”

Another said: “The fear is not the virus but the arrogance of that great policy… Shanghai people are too restrictive, just lifted the lockdown for a few days and now it’s blocked again, too restrictive.” Someone else said: “Not talking about the law, not talking about morality is the outstanding feature of socialism!”

And a series of comments such as: “To be frank, this country is a big prison, being imprisoned for a long time. Truly in a free country, people can choose one of two ways, one is sealing the city by themselves, the other is the CCP sealing the city.”

Someone regretfully commented: “Those who left before the city was closed are smart people. How long will it take to sit still like this? If they want to lock down, they do it; if they want to ban, they ban! Will the lockdown allow people to live? People are bewildered. How can they survive the next few days?”

According to the official website of the Shanghai Health Commission, on June 9th, there were 6 COVID-19 positive cases in Shanghai and five asymptomatic cases. One case was detected through testing, and four were in the isolation area. Until June 9th, 232 cases received treatment at the hospital, including 12 severe cases and 11 cases in a critical condition. From February 26th, 2022, to June 9th, there were 588 deaths in Shanghai.

From June 10th, four new infection cases and two asymptomatic cases were detected in Shanghai. A total of 489 close-contact cases and 187 distant-contact cases have been traced in Shanghai, bringing the total up to 9,284 people affected.

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