On the night of November 29, the people in Guangzhou city, the capital of Guangdong province, clashed with white hazmat-suited riot police, continuing the protests in recent days despite tight security.

In a video shared by Reuters, protesters threw objects at police, who were huddled in the distance. On the roadway were what appeared to be sections of a fence that had been overturned by protesters.

In another scene, the police gathered in rows, holding shields and moving toward the protesters, and they continued to suffer from bottles thrown by protesters of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s zero-covid policy.

Another video showed a tear gas canister being thrown into a crowd gathered on a side street.

Police were then seen escorting a line of handcuffed people to an unknown location.

China Dissent Monitor estimates that at least 27 protests against CCP’s zero-COVID policy based on the lockdown policy took place in China between November 26 and 28.

Meanwhile, Australia’s ASPI thinks tank estimates there have been 43 protests across 22 Chinese cities.

Responding to protests in China, on November 29, White House national security spokesperson, John Kirby, said that protesters in China should not be harmed. 
Kirby told CCN that “We don’t want to see protesters physically harmed, intimidated, or coerced in any way. That’s what peaceful protest is all about, and that’s what we have continued to stand up for, whether it’s in China or Iran or elsewhere around the world.”

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