The city of Dandong, Liaoning province, has been locked down for nearly 100 days, and humanitarian tragedies continue. The recent goat electrocution has once again become the focus of public attention.

On July 2, Li Lecheng, governor of Liaoning province, hosted a television conference on epidemic prevention in Dandong city. Li Lecheng asked Dandong to comply with the “Zero-Covid” policy. Pei Weidong, Secretary of the Dandong City Party Committee, told the meeting that Dandong followed the instructions of superiors on epidemic prevention and vowed to help people “solve practical difficulties.”

Contrary to the above official statements, the extreme epidemic prevention measures of the Dandong authorities have angered the public.

On China’s Baidu platform recently, a resident of Qianyang town, Donggang city, posted a message on Weibo: “Due to the epidemic, the Dandong government has forcibly isolated and scammed all breeding families. My parents’ livestock is worth about $3000. All were electrocuted to death in the dark. For three months now, no one cares about people’s lives.”

The people in the village said: “The goats are all pregnant, and there are ten days left to give birth to the baby goats … Do you still have humanity?”

On July 2, a villager again denounced the Dandong government on Weibo (now deleted or marked access denied): “At night, they break into people’s houses and secretly electrocute their livestock to death. Wouldn’t there be a leader responsible for this?”

According to the surveillance video released by residents, around 7 p.m. on July 3, some disease prevention workers entered the farmer’s yard and dragged some goats outside. These goats were dead and were carried away. 

According to Epoch Times, after the incident was revealed, netizens indignantly said: “Oh my god, all goats have big bellies! They have committed serious crimes! They have killed dogs and cats, killed other people’s pets, and now come to kill and steal people’s properties. These people have to take responsibility.”

“I remember that the person who took the nucleic acid test sample for the goat last time seemed to be just a temporary hire. Is the person who electrocuted the goats this time also a volunteer? Really immoral. If this isn’t a robbery then what is?”

The official Weibo account of the Dandong Municipal Committee posted this incident, but they soon deleted it.

The Dandong and Donggang authorities have not responded to the above information.

Dandong continues to explode with scandals

Since the beginning of the year, all provinces in China have tightened the CCP’s epidemic prevention policy. However, Dandong is one of the most severely locked down cities, having been “closed” for nearly 100 days. 

According to Sanlian Life Weekly, in mid-March this year, as Shanghai’s lockdown measures were gradually strengthened, Dandong, China’s largest border city, also implemented anti-epidemic measures, such as cutting off traffic from the outside world, closing schools, etc.

On June 23, a video showed a person with a yellow health code taking her father to a doctor. She was accused of police assault. The video went viral, revealing the secondary disaster caused by the lockdown for the first time. At that time, parts of the city had been closed for more than three months.

Before the wave of public opinion, on the evening of June 23, the official Weibo of the Internet Information Office of the Dandong City Party Committee said they would begin to “restore the order of production and life.”

On June 30, the city of Dandong again exposed the tragedy caused by the lockdown. According to Dandong residents, a 93-year-old local man wanted to go to the hospital to get medicine after an operation. Still, the local community stopped and did not give him a nucleic acid test certificate. To convince the security staff and prove that he had just completed the operation, the older man had to pull down his pants to show them the incision. But as his pants had been pulled down, the police accused him of being a delinquent and arrested him.

After being taken to the police station, the old man is said to have been “tortured.” The photo shows the older man’s wrist and arm covered with bruises. Then it was revealed that the older man felt humiliated and hanged himself in front of the community gate. However, the authorities gave no answer about the case and withheld related news.

The incident has angered netizens. The Epoch Times quoted some people as saying: “The Dandong’s people now know that there is no epidemic in the locality, but there are demons!”

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