A man bought a house with savings but could only afford instant noodles

Recently, a Chinese man shared his special home-buying story, attracting discussion from netizens.

A 24-year-old man has just returned from Shanghai to his hometown of Xi’an and bought an apartment with his savings. But after paying the deposit, he has only a few hundred yuan left to live. 

He made videos for sharing his life on social networks. He said that because he had no money left, he could only finish the apartment decor gradually and could only eat instant noodles to live. He now works part-time at a hotel in Xi’an. He also has a monthly mortgage of nearly $970 (7,000 yuan) for buying the home, but he thinks living in his own house feels very comfortable.

As reported by SingTao, the story caught the attention of netizens. Some people expressed their admiration when he realized his dream at such a young age. However, some people think that it is not worth living so hard.

The blood moon appears in many places in China

On November 8, many photos were shared online showing that a red moon appeared in most areas of China. Even in the crowded big cities such as Wuhan and Shanghai, people could still clearly see the blood moon.

According to Chinese media, this is a rare astronomical spectacle, and the total lunar eclipse covers the faint star Uranus, which disappeared behind the moon and reappeared.

A blood moon happens when Earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse. While it has astronomical significance, there are a lot of folk rumors about bad omens when the blood moon appears. For example, according to Chinese media, historical notes said that if the blood moon appeared, there would be unjust cases, and the planet would be exhausted.

An online video shows a woman plunging into a sewer while cycling in China

Recently, an online video showed the potential danger on the streets in China when the road opened up, swallowing a woman cyclist and almost costing her life.

The video was filmed in Honghe Hani Autonomous Region in Yunnan Province, China, on November 6.

A passing truck dislodges a manhole cover, leaving a dangerous trap for other road users. Then a woman riding a bicycle fell into the sewer. She managed to save herself and shakily pulled her bike out of the hole and continued her journey. 

A good samaritan put the manhole cover back in place and put up a safety warning column. During the incident, the woman was lucky to live as several vehicles passed very close to her as she struggled to get her bike out of the hole.

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