Protests in Lanzhou boom as authorities implement lockdown on national holiday

Lanzhou is a city with fewer COVID cases compared to other provinces. The city also hasn’t risk areas. However, residential areas were continuously locked down, which angered residents. They started fighting to lift the lockdown during the national holiday.

A video shared on Twitter shows people gathered to protest in the Phoenix City community of Tianyi, Lanzhou, on October 1.

Residents shouted in unison, “lifting lockdown!” “lifting lockdown!”

Some people are not afraid to say angrily: “Aren’t you guys coming over to beat us up? Come to beat people? Come here!”

The police just stood still and looked at the people. The person who posted the video explained that the police did not do anything due to “insufficient police power,” and they were waiting for support.

According to many videos spreading on the internet, demonstrations against the lockdown broke out in many places such as Yuansen Rose Garden , Yuansen Magnolia Garden , Tianyuan No. 9 , Tianyu Phoenix City and others in Lanzhou.

Controversial food safety issue: Haitian soy sauce for domestic and overseas differ in additives

Recently, some Chinese netizens posted that the Haitian soy sauce they bought abroad contains no additives in the ingredient list. It has only natural ingredients like water, soybeans, wheat, and salt. However, the ingredients of domestically sold Haitian soy sauce contain many additives. The inconsistency caused a stir among netizens about food safety issues.

Before this problem, Haiti issued an official written response. They emphasize that the additives implemented in all Haitian products comply with relevant national standards and regulations. Additionally, emphasizing China’s food safety problem was a guarantee.

This response serves as a measure to appease public opinion without getting to the point of the difference between Haitian soy sauce at home and abroad. It makes people question whether Haitian soy sauce ingredients meet standards domestically and abroad.

Besides, Haiti mentioned that meeting national standards was also a concern of the people when the country’s food standards were exposed in a tainted milk scandal. 

As reported by Chinese media, under the control of several major dairy companies, the protein content of raw milk and the total number of colonies in this national standard is not only behind foreign countries but even worse than 25 years ago.

Jinan: Baotu Spring water level is approaching 98 feet

While southern China is experiencing severe drought, Jinan city, Shandong province, has continuous rain.

As reported by ifengs, on October 3, Baotu Spring rose over half an inch (14 cm). Furthermore, the official Weibo of Jinan Urban and Rural Water Affairs Bureau released that the water table of Baotu Spring was 98 feet (29.9 meters).

Days of rainfall have caused the spring water to soar, and the precipitation in the same period this year has been significantly higher than usual. At present, the rain is continuing. As a result, the city’s 24-hour average rainfall of over an inch (28.7 mm) has reached the level of heavy rain.

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