After the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Foxconn, the world’s largest Apple iPhone factory, reported that its employees had been infected on a large scale and fled the quarantine point at night. For this reason, the Henan government actively recruited new employees for Foxconn. However, on the evening of November 22, it was reported that the employees of the Foxconn Zhengzhou factory had a large-scale violent conflict with the police due to the pandemic and salary issues. There are continuous reports that some employees have been surrounded and beaten by the police, and tear gas was used to suppress them.

Then, according to Vision Times, the Zhengzhou city government replied that the conflict was caused by employees from other provinces and decided not to recruit people from other provinces again. Paradoxically no media in China reported on this incident, and Foxconn has not confirmed it.

After a night of intense conflict, in the early morning of November 23, more than 1,000 Foxconn employees confronted many police, armed police, and special police officers at the factory area. Authorities also sent many fire trucks to the scene. Workers flocked in more and more, pushing the armed police from the factory area to the main road.

A video shows hundreds of Foxconn employees confronting ordinary police and armed police in protective suits at the factory. A worker holding a steel pipe tried to fight back against the police but was dissuaded by others. Armed police in white protective suits and riot gear immediately formed an array to surround him.

More and more workers gathered, and the armed police were forced to retreat.

The employees picked up various items and threw them at the armed police.

Many workers rushed out of the factory and spilled onto the street.

One worker was surrounded and beaten by armed police.

More than a dozen armed policemen surrounded and kicked another worker violently.

Another video shows a young man wearing a red and black jacket. After being knocked to the ground by several armed policemen, more than 10 policemen stepped forward to beat him, causing the young man’s head to bleed. One man shouted angrily: “Are they really the police? These bastards!.”

Another new video shows at the Foxconn gate, the person in charge holding a loudspeaker said: “10,000 yuan ($1,400) will be in your account before boarding the bus tomorrow. Everyone go back to the dorms first.” Someone answered, “OK.” One netizen criticized: “Don’t believe what they say. They coax everyone to leave, then deal with them one by one.”

Authorities also deployed fire trucks with high-pressure water cannons to deter Foxconn employees.

According to Sound of Hope, one netizen analyzed:

“In the case of Foxconn, Zhengzhou, the main reason workers fled before was that they were afraid of being infected in the factory. Now they are also protesting for this reason.” The nucleic acid tests hadn’t taken place in the factory for days, which meant the factory didn’t want to take care of this. So it could be said that the propaganda the factory said earlier backfired.”

“Police, armed police, special police and firefighters have all been dispatched, but they are still unable to quell the worker riots, which suggests that the CCP may want to give up Foxconn.”

Account @lfh46123376 said: It was not until 11 a.m. on November 23 that the workers lined up to receive their salary and leave.

A worker reflected that the main reason employees fled was that Foxconn secretly changed work contracts and mixed new and old employees.

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