With over 800,000 followers, Twitter user “Teacher Li is not your teacher” has attracted widespread attention for having posted news about the “White Paper Revolution.” This has also attracted the attention of the Chinese regime. On December 4, “Teacher Li” suddenly issued a “Declaration not to commit suicide.”

“Teacher Li” tweeted on December 4, “There are actually some problems with my account now. Some friends said they couldn’t find my tweets or accounts in the search and some Twitter users can’t see my private message replies, but I am not deleting any tweets.”

He later tweeted, “Also, I’m managing myself very well, I’m not going to commit suicide and I’m not going to delete my account. If there’s any accident, my funeral photo will be published by CNN reporter @yongxiong2008.”

According to Sound of Hope, “Teacher Li” recently revealed in an interview with some media that the Chinese police had “visited” his family. Apparently it was the director of the Public Security Bureau. They went to his house to find his parents, to find out if he was getting paid to make these posts and if he was paying anyone who contributed to him. They wanted to know if he was alone or in a group.

“Teacher Li” said that his parents are very worried about his safety and hope that he will stop tweeting. On December 3, as soon as he tweeted, the police called his home, then they arrived at his door.

Many netizens left messages expressing concern for him and wishing him well. Some netizens pointed out that even if the comments are beyond the firewall he can still be punished. One said, “The power of the Party is beyond our imagination! Don’t look down on the CCP’s crimes.”

The “White Paper Revolution” protesting the CCP’s violent lockdown has spread to more than a dozen cities in China, and is also gaining support from overseas Chinese.

On December 3, a video on Twitter showed that at a rally at the University of Southern California, a Uyghur said, “I am a survivor of the CCP’s genocidal policy, my father was a victim of a concentration camp, I haven’t heard anything about my cousins since 2017. I hope you can understand that the CCP will create crimes regardless of races and religions…. As a genocidal policy survivor, I hope you can understand and remember that the state of the Uyghurs today is your tomorrow.” His speech received cheers and applause from everyone.

Another video shows angry protesters burning portraits of Xi Jinping and the CCP flag at a rally in Warsaw, Poland.

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