The widespread epidemic has badly affected many of China’s regions. The impact has resulted in the inter-provincial travel suspension and a substantial decrease in the number of travelers during this year’s long vacation of May Day.

However, Beijing only officially claimed a modest decrease in numbers compared with last year’s number. Several netizens have questioned the statistics’ accuracy and even have ridiculed it.

According to Sohu’s report on May 05, the Culture and Tourism Ministry claimed that 160 million domestic tourists had traveled in China during the 5-day holiday.

The number shows a year-on-year decrease of 30.2%. Meanwhile, the tourism revenue reached 64.68 billion CNY (around $9.6 billion), a year-on-year decline of 42.9%.

The official publicized data has attracted several netizens’ attention.
According to many netizens, the 30% decrease year on year was not realistic because Beijing has imposed a mandated quarantine in several parts of China.
They concluded that the Communist regime had fabricated the statistics.

According to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan, some even mocked the data, saying,
“Does this figure even count when you go downstairs to throw garbage!”

Previously, on the eve of the May Day holiday, China required residents in many areas to stay in place and suspended inter-provincial tours.

Beijing even warned residents not to visit Beijing unless necessary, recommending them to celebrate the festival on the spot and reduce unnecessary dinner parties.
Those traveling during the holiday must hold a 48-hour Covid test certificate.

China’s stringent Covid-control measures have made its residents give up on their traveling plans. They would forcibly spend 14 days quarantine after their return no matter where they had visited.

Many expected to travel, but the thought of being quarantined scared them. Some said, “If the lockdown is like this, where can we go to play? We don’t have an epidemic here, but we don’t travel unless it is necessary.”

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