On November 29, dozens of overseas democracy activists including Wang Dan, a June 4 survivor, issued a Letter to Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officers and soldiers, armed police officers, and police officers, pointing out that the PLA is not the army of the CCP, and the police and armed police “are not the tools of any political party to maintain its ruling status.” At the same time, “they cannot open fire on young people and students,” nor can they be accomplices to the massacre of a city.”

According to RFA, the letter stressed that “the Yangtze River and the Huanghe River will not flow backwards, and the tragedy of the ‘June 4‘ cannot be repeated.”

The letter stated that, as victims and survivors of previous political campaigns and political repressions by the Chinese Communist Party, they send a strong appeal to to officers, military and police at every level.

The letter read, “The PLA’s military officers come from the people, their mission is to protect the country from foreign aggression and defend the constitution. The PLA is not the army of the CCP, much less a soldier or hound of any dictator.”

The report said: “No matter what happens to the great land of China, you all need to stay in the barracks, absolutely cannot let the tank drive to Tiananmen Square like in 1989. It is impossible to open fire on the young people and students, killing the civilians again.”

The report stated that it was the duty and mission of the police and armed police is to maintain social order and protect the people. they must abide by the constitution and the law and fulfill their duties and responsibilities, and not be complicit with those who violate the constitution.

There were at least 47 co-signers on the to the letter including Wei Jingsheng, Wang Dan, Wang Juntao, Yan Jiaqi, and Su Xiaokang.

Recently, protests against the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy broke out in many major cities in China, which were sparked by a deadly fire at a high-rise apartment in Urumqi, Xinjiang that killed 10 people on the evening of November 25. Residents of Urumqi came to the city government to protest. For nearly three days, protests also took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou and other places, opposing the “zero-COVID” policy. The protesters even chanted the slogan “Communist Party step down,” many protesters held a white sheet of paper.

Some commentators pointed out that the regime’s extreme pandemic measures have led to the “white paper revolution,” and that people’s patience has reached its limit.

Chinese independent news commentator “Weixin” said, “The whole movement started after the announcement of the 20 pandemic measures. The public’s patience with the three-year pandemic has reached its limit. Now the CCP has lost its mechanism and ability to correct mistakes. People were already in critical situations when the 20 measures were issued and they chose to protest. Fueled by the personal revolution of Peng Zaizhou, also known as Peng Lifa, ahead of the CCP’s 20th National Congress, every protest site and school is re-enacting a revolution, igniting a lot of flames. It’s a highly spontaneous revolution like the color revolution.”

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