On Jun 25, Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, delivered a report at the 12th Shanghai Congress of the CCP. He announced the city had achieved victory in defending Shanghai from Covid. However, the epidemic resurged ten days later, with a total of 35 medium and high-risk areas.

On July 6, Shanghai closed all KTVs and other entertainment venues. Twenty-four positive cases were found the previous day in illegally-operated KTVs in Lanxi Road, Putuo District, which had been listed as a high-risk area.

The numbers of high-risk and medium-risk areas have increased over the last three days.

On July 3, there were only one high-risk and four medium-risks.

The city added six more areas to the list the following day, with three high-risk and eight medium-risk areas.

According to the Paper, Shanghai currently has seven high and 28 medium risks, while the local authorities announced only 4 and 22, respectively.

From July 5 to 7, the financial hub carried out the policy of “2 inspections in 3 days.” In other words, employees across 12 districts will take nucleic tests within three days, at least 24 hours between the two tests. 

All residents that want to travel around in the area must hold a nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours or a sampling certificate within 24 hours.

The video shows Shanghai citizens lining up to wait for nucleic acid tests before they go to work.

Netizens from Shanghai are worried, saying that it is the end. The economy will suffer if Shanghai imposes a strict lockdown for a month.

Another says that the epidemic in Shanghai has become so severe that he feels precarious. He cannot dine in or watch movies as usual.

Another echoes that he is afraid of strict lockdown again. However, he has just received all necessary supplies delivered by express.

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