On August 13, a flash flood swept through Longcaogou valley, Longmen mountain, Pengzhou town, Chengdu city, Sichuan province. At that time, many tourists were playing in the water. Scenes of many tourists running to escape, others struggling under the water, and people being swept away by the flood were recorded. According to sources, as of 6 pm on August 14, at least seven people died, and eight people had minor injuries. Some netizens suspect that the cause was the sudden upstream discharge at the Dujiangyan irrigation and flood control project.

On the evening of August 13, the official Weibo account of the Pengzhou Emergency Management Bureau, Sichuan province, stated, “Notice about the sudden flood situation in Longcaogou, Pengzhou Town on August 13,” “At 14:37 pm on August 13, Pengzhou town, Chengdu city received a weather forecast that a cloud formation in the area will be accompanied by heavy rain in a short time.” At 3:30 pm, a flash flood suddenly hit the Longcaogou valley; many tourists could not escape and were swept away by the flood.

In many videos posted, it can be seen that at the time of the incident, many tourists were playing in the river when the water suddenly rose, causing some people to be trapped in the middle of the river. Many people screamed, panicked, and fled; some struggled in the water, and some were swept away by the fast current.

This video shows a father taking his son to the other side of the stream; seeing the water flowing fast, he stopped to protect his son, but the water was getting higher and higher, and in the end, both the father and son were swept away.

A man in black was swept away by the flood, and several people came to the rescue, while three women stood on a rock still trapped in the flood.

This video shows the people downstream rescuing the victims.

Twitter account @kdf0k8ll84743sD posted a video of tourists being swept away by floods, despite many police and firefighters, he complained: “A big incident happened in Longcaogou, Pengzhou, Chengdu. Many people camping here were suddenly swept away by a flash flood. Police and firefighters were helpless. They say a company is building a military base in Dujiangyan. Today, there is an earthquake. Due to the impact of the pandemic, many people have come here to camp to avoid the heat.”

Witnessing these heartbreaking scenes, Vision Times quoted some netizens who suspected that the upstream Dujiangyan had suddenly released water because the weather in the area where tourists bathed was sunny.

Twitter user “Uncle Le” said: “It’s because they open the floodgates, otherwise the water will not flood on such a clear and cloudy place, and the government agencies of powerful countries will do their own business, whoever opened the floodgates doesn’t care if you travel or not! Hell on earth, how sad!”

The account “Attempts to break the wall” said: “Upstream flood discharge. The Zhengzhou flood is a disaster caused by flood discharge from the upstream reservoir. A few days ago, the flood in Shangrao, Jiangxi, was also caused by the government releasing water from the reservoir during a storm, resulting in heavy damage downstream.”

Netizen “Wang” said: “Last year, the Zhengzhou government secretly released floodwater and drowned more than 4,000 people in the Beijing-Guangzhou tunnel. So far, there is no definitive conclusion of the number of casualties or announced any compensation. This time perhaps the government secretly released flood water, submerging people. This kind of thing happens every year. “

Earlier, on the same day, at least ten people died in two fires in Zhejiang province, and six people went missing in floods in Shanxi province.

Son Tay flood: 6 people missing, villages swept away

Jiu Pai News said that from the evening of August 10 to the morning of August 11, floods hit Zhongyang County, Luliang City, Shanxi province. Fast-moving water swept away houses, vehicles, roads, and at least six people are missing. The Epoch Times quoted online sources as saying that the flash flood disaster was caused by the government releasing floodwaters.

A shop owner in the area said that the most serious flood was at 7:08 am on August 11; the flood was more than 3 feet high. He said, in 34 years, he had never seen such a large flood. The store is full of sand and water; electrical appliances are unusable due to being submerged.

He added that the street is currently very messy; although forklifts and other vehicles have arrived, they cannot handle and clean up in a day or two.

According to CCTV news, floods have caused severe damage to the towns of Ningxiang and Jinluo. Six workers were swept away by the flood at the highway construction site in Jinluo town, one was found, and the other five are still missing.

Luliang City Information Office on ​​August 12 reported that around 8 p.m. on August 11, floods hit the Wang Jia Zhuang coal industrial park in Lishi district, Luliang city, flooding all the wells. One hundred and ninety-two out of 193 people were pulled to safety, and one person is missing.

A online video showed that floodwaters rushed in, engulfing roads, and many houses and cars were swept away.

Another video shows the street littered with mud, sand, and debris. (1:50)

The Epoch Times quoted another online source as saying: “The flood discharge in Shanxi province caused such a big disaster, but there are no casualties.”

Zhejiang fire kills 10 people

On the evening of August 11, two houses in Ningbo city and Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, were on fire, killing a total of 10 people. Video from the fire scene in Ningbo city showed flames bursting from a window several meters high.

On August 12, CCTV said that at around 10:00 p.m. on August 11, a fire broke out at a private house in Xi’an town, Ninghai district, Ningbo city.

The fire continued to burn until about 11:30, before it was completely extinguished. The fire killed 7 people. The report did not specify the cause of the fire nor the identities of the deceased.

It is known that the building where the fire occurred is a 3-storey construction of concrete bricks, with some partitions. The construction area is about 2,583 square feet or 240 square meters.

The online video showed that in the dark, the fire broke out on an upper floor, and flames leaped out from a window several meters high. People around shouted: “It’s on fire.”

The Epoch Times quoted some netizens as reminding: “When there is a fire, the main cause of death is smoke asphyxiation, so remember to use a damp cloth to cover your mouth and nose to escape.”

Just before 8 pm on the same day, the fire department of Cangnan district, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang, also received a report that a house in Qianku town was also on fire. The accident killed three people. The cause of the fire is unknown. The video shows the fire burning fiercely from the first floor. The fire area occupies about a third of the length of the house.

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