Chinese students express patriotism like robots

A viral video on the internet shows Chinese students being trained in patriotism. One by one, groups of students chanted a slogan together in class when the teacher asked: “Please use a sentence to prove that you are Chinese.” 

The first group said, “We’ve had free COVID-19 vaccines.”

The second group said, “I do not regret entering China in this life, and I will be a Chinese in the next life.”

The third group said, “Studying for the rise of China.”

The fourth group said, “We were born under the red flag and grew up in the spring breeze” (This sentence means that the red color of the flag represents the country and the spring breeze is the peaceful beauty of the country).

The fifth group said, “If faith has a color, it must be Chinese red.”

The sixth group said, “If the youth is strong, the nation will be strong.”

The seventh group said, “Our forefathers are our light, our generation is the hope of China.”

The eighth group said, “I am proud to be Chinese.”

The ninth group said,” We will defend China with our fearless youth.”

Finally, they repeated, “Whoever dares to offend China will be severely punished.”

With no emotion on their faces, young students have to memorize things that have been programmed from beginning to end. It creates doubt in people about whether this is real patriotism or is it mandatory to be patriotic?

Working hard for a beautiful scene

Footage shared on the internet “It’s raining heavily today, the traffic police have worked hard. …Hats off to you” shows the meticulousness of a film crew producing a video about the hard work of the traffic police.

They arranged a large water tanker truck to make the rain and filmed the police in military uniform standing in the rain working hard. Additionally, Several supporting actors, such as women, children, and a street officer, are watching intently to prepare for their scene.

It is unclear which movie this scene will appear in, but with the hot weather in China today, this scene has also cooled people’s hearts.

New fashion in China, the ‘Dabai’ outfit

“Dabai” in Chinese, meaning big white, is a word used to refer to Chinese epidemic prevention staff. The alias may have originated as a visual representation of the outward appearance of epidemic prevention personnel in white protective clothing. 

Now, white clothes grace the fashion catwalk as a new trend in the Covid period in China. One video shows the model wearing a signature outfit with air-conditioned clothing and performing at a show.

According to information from Chinese media, this outfit was designed by Meibo Group, which has obtained a patent. Regarding price, the Meibo wearable air conditioner has been launched in two versions. The cool version is priced at $1,315, and the premium version is priced at $ 1,907. Therefore, it can be said that Dabai’s outfit has been upgraded to be fashionable in China.

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