So-called experts from the Special Training Room of the Jilin Public Security Department used items from a torture toolbox to sexually assault and torture a female teacher. The incident has attracted significant attention in society after it was exposed by The Epoch Times a few days ago.

Reports are that the victim Jiang Yongqin is still being held in the Shulan City Detention Center. On August 19th, Jiang Yongqin’s younger sister Jiang Yonghua, with rights lawyers Wang Yu, Wang Quanzhang, Sui Muqing, and others, went to the Jilin Municipal Procuracy and other relevant departments. They intended to prepare criminal charges against the public security personnel involved in torture. However, the Procuratorate and other departments did not accept the malfeasance claim.

Jiang Yongqin is a 52-year-old university lecturer and mother-of-three. After the 1999 persecution launched by former leader Jiang Zemin, she was repeatedly harassed by the CCP 610, the State Security, the police, and the street neighborhood committee.

On June 12th, 2022, she was kidnapped from home and taken to a secret interrogation room.

Speaking at a press conference outside the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne on August 15th, the women’s husband Qi Xiong detailed the torture. “Between 2 and 3 p.m. on July 7th or 8th, the police covered my wife’s head with a black hood, put earplugs in her ears, and dragged her from the hotel to a secret location, where the officers sexually assaulted her. In addition, they used a grave new form of torture called the “toolbox,” which contained toothpicks, instruments, medicine bottles, wires, aphrodisiacs, and other devices designed to inflict excruciating pain upon the victim.”

According to Qi, four men sprayed mustard oil into Jiang’s nostrils, added lit cigarettes, and then left the cigarette butts inside her nostrils.

Seeing that Jiang would not give them the information they wanted, the “trained personnel” then instructed other men to sexually assault Jiang using items from the “toolbox.” When they found that she was menstruating, the expert claimed that the torture devices would work even better.

According to, at 9 a.m. on August 19th, Lawyers Jiang Yonghua, Yongqin’s sister Wang Yu and others came to Jilin Procuracy to state the assault case. However, the prosecutor refused to accept it with the excuse that the suspected crime of a public official was not under the jurisdiction of the procuracy. The two sides argued, and the prosecutor finally left.

The four of them then rushed to the reception room of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Municipal People’s Congress. The reception staff said this was a heinous criminal act of public power. The Jilin Municipal Procuracy’s practice of not filing the case was wrong but said that the People’s Congress had no right to settle.

The four then went to the Jilin Municipal Political and Legal Commission. Finally, someone from the Political and Legal Commission received them. A deputy director said they did not care about public officials’ crimes and asked the three prosecution agents whether they had a certified lawyer. After some arguments, they finally accepted the complaint file.

They also went to the Jilin Women’s Federation office. The Women’s Rights and Interests Department received them politely. After reading the complaint and listening to the lawyers, they expressed shock and said this was a heinous crime. After reporting to the leader, they got the answer that the leader will decide how to report the case to the relevant departments.

In response to the refusal, Yongqin’s husband Qi told the Epoch Times on the 22nd, “They must be protecting each other, and they are afraid in their hearts. If they are not afraid, they don’t need to take measures like this.”

Xiong Qi said that the CCP slandered his wife, claiming she violated the “crime of breaking the law.” The officials had set up many obstacles to prevent lawyers from meeting with his wife, violating the rights granted to the parties by the law. He said that the officials are the ones who break the law by preventing them from suing.

Current affairs commentator Xing Tianxing told the Epoch Times on the 23rd that Jiang Yongqin’s story shocked everyone when they heard it. “How can the police be able to do this? Only the devil devoid of humanity can do such an evil thing.”

Wu Shaoping, a former mainland human rights lawyer, told Epoch Times on the 23rd that the Procuratorate is responsible for supervising, filing, and prosecuting the violations and crimes of public officials. From China’s law perspective, it is a crucial department for law enforcement and supervision and is a vital function of procuracy. 

However, they would not accept the case of Jiang Yongqin. Wu Shaoping said, “Seriously, this is a kind of cover-up. The procuracy does not file a case for the violations and crimes of public officials and even adopts this method to prevaricate. It is simply an act of hooliganism.”

Wu Shaoping added that obstructing the client’s meeting with the lawyer to understand the case is breaking the law, and depriving the client of the right to legal assistance provided by the lawyer following the law is illegal.

Lawyer Wu Shaoping believes that Jiang Yongqin’s case fully shows that in the face of unjust, false, and wrongful instances created by the evil ruling group of the CCP, the people’s path to defending their legal rights is not only challenging but also has almost no hope of successful rights protection.

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