Chongqing protests: ‘Nucleic acid test, don’t do it!’

On August 23, the People’s Daily Online-Chongqing Channel stated that Chongqing conducted nucleic acid testing in the city on August 24. However, Chongqing residents were very resistant to the test and the staff this time. They got angry, gathered to protest, and expressed their disagreements on the internet.

On August 24, a video uploaded on Twitter showed a crowd of Chongqing residents queuing and protesting. They are shouting: “Nucleic acid, don’t do it!”

The massive nucleic acid testing was required to be completed on the same day. 

A netizen commented, “one day, 17 million people, 3,878 nucleic acid testing sites, under 108 °F heat…” 

That day, the temperature reached 42.2°C, 108 °F.

Another criticized, “A civilized government shouldn’t use the phrase “nucleic acid or yellow code” to threaten the citizens!” He worried, “will it be a clustered infection?”

Some netizens posted images of nucleic acid testing and the mountain fire in the same shot. 

 From August 24, an orange pop-up window will be assigned to the ‘Yangkang Code’ to residents in the central city. The window is automatically cleared after one nucleic acid sampling is finished.

The ‘Yukang Code‘ is a practical information system that offers services such as health information declaration, dynamic health status display, and migrant health certificate declaration.

Strange phenomena: insects on the ground, smoke, and sparks on trees, ground and river flames

On August 24, Facebook footage showed many insects on the grounds in Daxing district, Beijing capital. 

They are one of many strange phenomena in China recently. Residents reported a green tree sparking in Chongqing city and smoke coming out of a green tree in Chengdu city, Sichuan province, as if they were about to burn due to the high temperatures. 

Chongqing road surface smoked and melted, and flames and smoke were seen on Chongqing’s Fuling river.

According to a user who shared a video of the Fuling River on fire, 

it occurred naturally due to methane gas. It is speculated that due to the high temperatures and collisions, the friction of the subterranean plates caused a severe drought. 

Also, flames on the ground appeared on Sichuan and were shared on the internet from August 23 to 24.

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