Mainland parents in China are horrified as a popular gift for their children may become the “reaper” of innocence. 

On July 16, the Chinese media outlet Finance and Economics Weekly reported that parents complain that a generation of Xiaotiancai, or Little Genius, smartwatch products recommend adult and violent content applications to users.

The troublesome product is Xiaotiancai T1, which is incorporated with e-learning features. The touchscreen device is commonly for children aged 5 to 12, which is about $295, nearly the price of a smartphone.

According to the news agency, parents said the Spider-Man City Hunter game that the smartwatch could download lets players kick and even shoot pedestrians. Some comic apps also expose users to age-inappropriate images and language. Worst still, there are complaints that the product runs advertisements that feature violence, gore, and crime-related topics. 

The parents recounted that some of the materials made them blush as they saw them.

Other apps also worried parents that they are able to prey on minors for purchases. 

One such example is the Duduro e-learning app for elementary school students. As China News Weekly reported, a parent said their children forgot to close the app, which eventually charged them a full-year VIP membership. No password input was required, and the parent received no forewarning of the transaction either. The bill came out at nearly $60.

Facing backlash, Xiaotiancai stated that the apps involved would be immediately removed from the shelves. It also promised that applications of inappropriate content would never appear in stores again. The firm has also launched a comprehensive and strict investigation to strengthen software application standards for age groups.

However, China News Weekly said that while some apps have been removed, other more high-quality apps with inappropriate content are still available in stores.

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