In recent years, it has been reported that many Chinese have intended to study abroad or migrate to other countries. For this reason, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has tightened its exit policy.

On November 30, it was reported that a Chinese internet celebrity was planning to go abroad to watch the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, but her passport was denied at the airport, causing her to become very upset. The official reason was that “there are too many scammers abroad,” which caused the public to become concerned. 

Recently, a video went viral on the Internet showing Weibo user “Weiwei” crying and complaining that customs had cut off her passport in Shanghai. This girl from Yongzhou, Hunan, was preparing to leave China from Pudong International Airport, Shanghai when she discovered that officials had cut her passport.

Weiwei said“Our passports were cut. Now no matter what method I use, I can’t exit the country. My only way is to go back to my hometown to get a new passport. I really can’t describe how I feel today. I’m really sad, and I’m speechless…”

Trying to hold back her tears, she said she was upset because she had prepared well for the trip. She had booked a hotel in Dubai and a plane ticket from Dubai to Istanbul.

According to the official statement, Weiwei cannot leave China because officials are worried that she will be “scammed” abroad. In this regard, many netizens have been monitoring the situation and say:

“It’s possible that recently too many people want to go abroad, and this is the only way to stop it.”

“Yes, I checked my brother’s passport and it was also cut, and the same thing happened to a good friend’s passport.”

“I had the same problem, and a lot of passports were directly reported as damaged. Last time, I saw an old man buying tickets at the airport, and he didn’t know that his passport was unusable until he got on the plane.”

Rumors Chinese immigration service company was disbanded

In fact, in mid-November, the social media account “@Sunny Immigrant Visa Permanent Resident Project Party,” from Jiangsu, posted that he had received an order from an immigration consulting company requesting all immigration service-related content in WeChat Moments and all immigration discussion groups be removed. The account also stated that some of his colleagues have been subpoenaed and that the immigration services industry may soon face regulation. He wondered if, in the future, immigration service companies would still exist.

The person in charge of a Chinese foreign trade company, Dai, also revealed that there were initially many immigration topics on Weibo on November 10, but they all “disappeared” on November 11, and officials are no longer authorized to discuss these issues. He also heard that the passport of a friend who worked at the Shanghai Foreign Service Company was confiscated on November 11.

In addition to difficulties with immigration, tourists are also questioned. Lu Ping, a Chinese tourist who has just arrived in Japan, confirmed that when she went through the exit procedures, she was asked by the customs: “Why are you leaving the country? Where will you go? What will you do when leaving China?”. She said if no record of leaving the country for a short time is available, people will be escorted to a small room for thorough questioning.

According to a Radio Free Asia (RFA) report, Chinese border guards have been cutting people’s passports for 2 or 3 years. Since the COVID pandemic outbreak, it has become increasingly difficult for Chinese citizens to leave the country.

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