According to an official announcement, on September 14, only six new cases of asymptomatic COVID were reported in Dalian. 

However, the authorities continue to enforce strict control measures to deal with COVID outbreaks. As a result, people doubt the number of infections and think it may be much higher.

He, a citizen of Dalian, told NTD: “Not only that, underreporting, you report too much, it will cause a commotion. All the buses are not allowed to move, they are all stopped.” She added they said it was only for three days, but it continued day after day, and now it’s extended for another week.

The officials have stated that starting from September 13, Dalian Xigang District and High-tech Zone will continue to implement the regulations of people not leaving their houses. The communities that reported positive cases within seven days continue to enforce the not leaving their home or community rule.

Videos online show that the authorities locked down many communities. The sudden lockdown in communities when a positive case was detected made many people panic. A video on the internet shows many people breaking through a barrier to get out at a checkpoint. [video 1:34-1:43]

Since being controlled in early September, the Dalian people have also significantly suffered economically. As a result, the prices of food and utensils are increasing rapidly.

NTD cited Jiang, a resident of Ganjingzi District, Dalian, as saying that he just purchased four green onions, which cost almost $1.72 (12 yuan), and money currently is meaningless.

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