On November 8, tens of thousands of students from the Huang He Academy of Science and Technology in Zhengzhou rushed out of school. It appears to be another large-scale exodus in Zhengzhou after tens of thousands of Foxconn employees fled. It was reported that the school approved the students leaving but they were stopped when they tried to leave.

According to Ifeng, less than 10 days after Foxconn employees fled at the end of October, a similar situation occurred at the Huang He Academy, China’s largest private school. Tens of thousands of students left the school and at times the streets around the school were packed with people, taxis, and personal cars transporting the students.

According to the report, the school had suspended classes for some days. Many students urgently packed their luggage to return to home. However, by 11 a.m., half of the students had already left, and then the school began stopping the students from leaving. In the afternoon, many students climbed the school gates to get out.

The report also said that there was student feedback that all students who left were detained at Zhengzhou train station, despite having a valid virus certificate. But some students living in Zhengzhou made it home. Currently, many cities in Henan have announced an urgent investigation into the students fleeing from the Huang He Academy, Zhengzhou Academy of Finance and Economics, Zhengzhou University, and Zhengzhou Industrial University.

However, this report on Ifeng, as well as the reposts on other sites have a “404” error and are inaccessible.

According to Sound of Hope, a netizen familiar with the news revealed that on November 8, the Huang He Academy of Science and Technology in Zhengzhou did not tell students that they could leave and said it was to conduct closed management. But the school tacitly agreed that students could take a break. Therefore, many students were approved to leave school.

But then, the students did not have time to apply for leave after hearing the news, afraid of being stopped, they quickly packed up and rushed to leave.

A video posted by netizens shows that from the beginning, many students had to wait in long lines to have their leave applications checked. After that, the students dragged their luggage out of the school, which the security guard couldn’t control, so they had to let the students out.

Netizens talked about it, some students posted in group chats encouraging everyone to quickly leave school.

Thousands of students were preparing to leave school, filling the streets leading to the gates, waiting in long lines to leave.

The roads outside the school were crowded with taxis and private cars transporting students.

Some netizens believe that the reason for the students leaving was that a while ago in the school, someone was infected with COVID-19 and spread the virus. It was said that there were one or two abnormal nucleic acid test tubes, causing people to panic.

However, some students from the Huang He Academy believe that the news circulating on the internet is not true.

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