On the morning of August 2, a gas explosion occurred in a 5-story building in a residential area of Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai, leaving at least four people injured. Many residents were woken up and ran out of the house in pajamas. The incident is still under investigation.

Sohu said the explosion was on the first floor. Four people in the house were injured. Fortunately, none was life-threatening. The injured were taken to the hospital for treatment.

The people who witnessed the explosion are still haunted. A resident living close by the explosion location said: “At that time I was sleeping when suddenly I heard a loud noise similar to thunder. The whole house then shook.”

An online video shows many terrified residents in their pajamas running away from their homes. After running out, they discovered the explosion blew out the wall and had thrown furniture and sundries into the yard, damaging some parked cars.

The pressure of the explosion also broke the windows of nearby houses. Some men were only wearing shorts and were injured, bleeding profusely.

Some residents believe that the house where the gas explosion occurred was occupied by a group of tenants who had illegally used gas, not paying attention to safety. After the explosion, 45 affected people were evacuated by the residential group.

According to Jimu News, the Shanghai Gas Company employees were investigating. They said they had received a gas leak report in a community on Changli Road, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai.

In addition to Shanghai, that same morning, a store in Wujiang district, Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, also had a gas leak, injuring two people. The cause of the incident is under further investigation.

There have been several powerful explosions in Shanghai since the two-month lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak was lifted.

On June 18, an explosion occurred at the Shanghai Sinopec Petrochemical Company factory in Jinshan District, southwest of Shanghai. A fire broke out in three areas at the same time. At least one person died, and one person was injured.

According to the Internet, on July 25, a container yard exploded at Pudong Airport, Shanghai. The video shows a fiercely burning fire and thick black smoke rising into the sky.

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