Recently, an old woman in Shanghai reposted a video deemed “sensitive” by the authorities on WeChat. As a result, the police came to her door and accused her of spreading rumors. The older woman used wise words to respond to the police, receiving approval from netizens.

On December 7, a citizen posted a video that said, “An old woman in Shanghai was approached at her home by the white guard (Chinese police wearing white protective suits) accusing her of posting’ fake news.'” The older woman angrily scolded the white guard; her every sentence was morally correct and showed eloquent mettle.

In the video, two policemen wearing white protective suits stand outside an older woman’s house door. The old woman said: “Whoever spreads fake news, you find that person. If spreading accurate information, we have the right to help them spread the news.'”

The policeman said, “accurate or not, you don’t even know.”

The old woman raised her voice, “I believe they tell the truth! I believe you are illegal. I believe the police are illegal and do not comply with the law!”

The policeman asked if she had verified with the person who made the video. The old woman replied: “I have told you many times, what do you want to verify from me? Do you believe in the ‘zero-COVID’ policy? Do you believe it?'”

The policeman replied: “Of course I believe in the (zero-COVID) policy.” The old woman said: “You believe in the ‘zero-COVID’ policy, and I believe what they posted is the truth!”

The police officer said that according to Article 9 of China’s Pandemic Prevention and Control Notice, those who fabricate and deliberately spread false information related to the pandemic will be held accountable. He hopes she will verify the content thoroughly before reposting it.

The old woman replied, “I don’t need to verify the content. The truth they told is the same as you guys believing in the ‘zero-COVID’ policy and believe that the CCP leadership can exterminate ‘rats’ (implying pandemic), okay? You even believe in the ‘zero-COVID’ policy, do you have a brain? You must understand yourself.'”

The policeman said that the police station only came to remind her today kindly, they said: “We do not intend to take you away today immediately.” The old woman replied: “Arrest me, I’m ready, I’m ready to go to jail!” The policeman asked: “Why?”

The old woman said: “Why? Because you broke the law! You have already broken the law, and are still using prison to threaten the people! You always take advantage of imprisonment to intimidate people. I watched many videos, the police always use administrative sanctions and put people in jail!”

In this regard, the Vision Times quoted some Chinese citizens’ comments, “Since the video is determined to be illegal, why not handle the person who made and distributed the video? Instead they came to threaten an old woman who reposted it and asked her to check the authenticity of the video made by another person. How ridiculous!”

Another said: “Not going to jail, but we are already in prison. The old lady speaks clearly, logically, rationally and bravely, facing the police! Police don’t arrest liars, but mainly arrest the truth tellers.”

Recently, hundreds of new positive cases have been confirmed daily in Shanghai. According to NetEase, on December 3, Shanghai had 486 new local cases, 565 new cases on December 4, and 577 new cases on December 5. On December 6, there were 478 new cases related to all 16 districts. From July 3 to December 6, 560 locally confirmed cases and 5,025 asymptomatic cases were reported in Shanghai.

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